By Jinbobaraye Karibo-Nelson
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Since the controversy declaration by the Maradona,most Nigerians were utterly ashamed of the evils genius the former self-stlyed Nigerian Military President retired General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida to contest the next year 2011 presidential elections. A man who denouced democracy and good governance.It unfortunate that it might interest you to know, IBB the Pako born General was the person who annulled the freest and fairest presidential elections of June 12,1993 won by the late philanthropist and business mogul chief MKO Abiola, the pillar of sports in Africa, The Aare ona kakanfo of Oyoland and the formation of the illegal unpopular interim national government(INC) headed by chief Ernest Shonekan.

The political plunder is regarded by Nigerians as rape on democracy.

In 27 August 1985, the over-ambitious Babangida the master dribbler took up the mantle of leadership illegal in a palace coup. IBB, during his reign of powers, basic human rights are being curtailed by Military decrees, the harrassment of journalists and suppresion of press freedom, he gave the military intelligence headed by his most trusted disciples Brigadier-General Halilu Akilu retired.power to interfers with citizens privacy, The Dele Giwas, Gani and the Kokoris etc and detain without court warrant.that is greed for power,an indication that IBB wants to perpuate himself in government.

Only time will tell, for the foreseenable future according to most Nigerians; Overtime, Badamasi had forgotten so soon of misdeeds, that is the level of his thinking and understanding of socio-political approach and during his reign of terror as unstable Head of state.economic decline, 419, drug trafficking,illegal bunkering and torture of opponents combined with hire assassin historically record worst military dictatorship in Nigeria.

Above all, his declaration continues to make headlines in the national and foreign media. Generally, is free to contest according to the Nigerian constitution.In Babangida's case, such phrases resonate what is percieved as overbearing arrogance by an erstwhile African dictator loved for power.

Nigerian's rightly or wrongly feels is an insult on the electorates, the masses. It is quite apparent that IBB is a grossly misdirected opportunist,seeking to cash in on the internal crisis rocking the PDP. Maradona does not have his people at heart.it is time to stop the evils genuis and it will interesting to know that is why his insisting of undemocratic norms 'zoning'( chop I chop) which region to produce the president;so that he will perfect his way out to unseat popular northern candidates. Not surprisingly, Badamasi move was viewed as personal not Northern interests. Nigerians should immediately remember the unfortunate June12, 1993, it was one of the most critical period in Nigeria history. But Almighty God on ourside in 1993 the IBB failed in his effort and was forced to resign, and his downfall, was highly celebrated after widespread public discontent.

It was disheartening to see, a man without shamed telling Nigerian government to immortalised Chief MKO Abiola.Nigeria needs neither such a leader nor candidates,Nigerian needs a leader that it deserves.

IBB is threats to the integrity and future of the country and is coming will led to strife , instability and eventual serious threats to stability and democracy.The former African dictator, think Nigeria his self-acquired personel properties-laughable. Since his rehearsals declaration it has been hard road to presidency is like a bad case of missing in action. even with June 12, palaver. He's still living in the hope of its messianic return.

Once again let us take a look at his endemic corrupt administrative and illegal government e.g the Gulf war windfall of billions in foreign currency unaccounted for till date.

It is time for Nigerians to accept the reality that we are once beaten people by IBB and make your vote count, not misgovernace and authoritarian person coming back to the saddle of power. This concept of democracy is dangerous for democracy.democracy can only survives when it values are are obeyed. the leaders of democratic states tend to be humane and fair to their people.concerned with the fundamental rights of the individual. This is obviously not the case of the IBB a nor respecter for the rule of law.

Democracy can only exist in places where people are free to choose who rule them. It is also vital that its ground rules are respected by all concerned and that no zoning to gain power. It has been said that one of the major obstacles to sustainable good governance in Nigeria is evils genius and his core sycophants.

Badamasi should please indefinitely remain in his Hilltop mansion in Minna to enjoyed his ill-gotten wealth from the proceed of oil from the Niger Delta Region and do an excellent job in the Niger state government as an advisor to his Gwari traditional institution, so that he will not ridicule himself or He should perhaps volunteer as an international aid campaigner in Darfur, Sudan for the betterment of indigenous Africans and this will improve his dented image of evils genius that cost many lives in Nigeria for his 8 years rule of mistrust.

Now our beloved nation need a liberal,charismatic,visionary and educated candidates that can be trusted in such an exulted office. that is Dr Goodluck Jonathan who understand democratic governance.

Finally, Nigerian will one day join to become a memberof nations were former corrupt leaders will be tried against human right abuse and account for their stewardship.

a social commentator writes from Port Harcourt.