Today's Christian Devotion 13 - 12 - 2020

By The Nigerian Voice
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It is possible for a woman to forget her child, but one thing is sure, it's not possible for God to forget you. He said it in the book of Isaiah. He said "Yet I will not forget you". Do you know why He can not forget you? He has inscribed you on the palms of his hands. What is that expectation that seems 'it will not come through and you are beginning to say in your heart, it could be that God has forgotten me and that is why those expectations are not coming through'.

But the truth is that God has not forgotten you and he will not. If he cannot forget the birds of the air, then how much more you that he created in his own image and likeness. God is a God of time and season. Be calm, those expectations will definitely come to pass, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

No matter the matter, trust God always. This beautiful day, the Lord God Almighty will remember you for good. He will cause the countenance of his face to shine over you. God will grant you that prosperity that passes human understanding. He will do for you what no man can do, in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Good morning and have a great day.