Bankole's looting in the House: Release report on N2.3 billion car scam, Keyamo urges Jonathan...Condemns suspension, free for all

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Radical lawyer, Festus Keyamo, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to release the report on the N2.3B car scam involving House Speaker, Dimeji Bankole. 

  Keyamo, also  called on the EFCC to investigate the looting of public funds in the House supervised by Bankole.

In a statement on Wednesday, the radical attorney condemned the suspension of the 'progressives' led by Dino Melaye representing Kogi State, who was stripped during thr free for all Tuesday . 

“The reported suspension of eleven members of the House of Representatives by the leadership of the House for accusing the leadership of profligacy in the management and spending of public funds is the height of misuse of power, abuse of power and abuse of position by the leadership of the House of Representatives. The resultant breakdown of law and order on the floor of the House leading to injuries, assault and damage to properties is a direct result of the loss of moral and political authority of the leadership of the House of Representatives. When I raised these allegations some time ago, they thought they could bury them. Now I have been vindicated.” He said   

According to him “The lackluster attitude of government to probing these allegations since I raised them is also a very, very sad commentary on the lack of preparedness of President Jonathan to fight corruption, no matter whose ox is gored. The protection that has been offered to dubious characters in government who have been clearly indicted by law enforcement agencies for fraud and forgery of certificates, in form of unexplained withdrawal of charges, provision of soft landing for accused persons, refusal to approve reports of law enforcement agencies sent to the Presidency e.t.c., is what has emboldened such characters as those in leadership positions in the House of Representatives to summon the effrontery and impudence to suspend those who have accused them of corruption.”   

“If the slogan of the anti-corruption war is to “see something and say something” , how come those who “say something” when they “see something” get punished in this crude manner? What is the fate of the anti-corruption war when whistleblowers are subjected to indignities and name-calling? I am sad, very sad indeed, that we have sunk to this low state of moral debauchery. The obvious silence of the Presidency over the earlier report of the 2.3billion naira car scam that was reportedly sent to it for “consideration” is what has led to this present display of crass arrogance and impudent show of power by the leadership of the House of Representatives in suspending and assaulting members who have raised their voices against corruption and corrupt practices.” He said   

“I condemn this totally and entirely and call on President Jonathan to immediately release the report of the 2.3billion naira car scam reportedly sent to the Presidency so as not to constitute a cog in the will of the anti-corruption crusade himself. I also call on Nigerians to speak out with one voice and rise against this extreme injustice in the House of Representatives.” The statement concluded.