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Uche Elendu was born into a family of four some twenty something years ago. She had her secondary education in the eastern part of Nigeria. She later proceeded to study International Relations at Imo State University. The delectable Nollywood artiste who presently lives in Owerri in eastern part of Nigeria in this exclusive interview with bares her mind on lots of controversial issues in Nollywood, how she became a movie artiste and her view of men.


How did you get into the Nigerian movie industry also known as Nollywood?

Well I would say I stumbled into Nollywood. My encounter started when I met Larry Cole Sweat whose daughter happens to be my friend. He introduced into
Nollywood in year 2002, and then I was an undergraduate. The first movie I acted in is entitled 'Fear of the Unknown'. By year 2005 I had taken up acting as a profession.

What is your view about the Nigerian movie industry?

Nigerian movie is an industry that has helped to project the image of the country positively. Though the industry is still growing but I am optimistic that it would eventually become Nigeria's unique selling point to the world.

Which movie brought you to lime light?

The movie that brought me to lime light is entitled 'Nothing For Nothing'.

Can you count the number of movie you have starred in?

I think about fifty movies.

What has been a movie artiste done for you?

It has done a lot for me; it has opened doors for me. It has made me to realize what life really means. There is nothing special in being a movie star.
Basically you need to discover yourself and know how to go about living appropriately.

Have you been sexually harassed before?

No. I have not been sexually harassed before. I don'tbelieve anything like sexual harassment exist in Nollywood. As an adult I do what I want to do because I want to do it not that anyone forced me to do it. The issue of sexual harassment exist in all sectors of the economy. Why is that of Nollywood given attention and prominence?

What is your comment on the dressing sense of female artistes in Nollywood?
To me it is simply fashion. People dress to look good and trendy. I don't have any tattoos on my body so I can't of other persons who wear tattoos. I dress and feel comfortable with whatever I am wearing no matter how skimpy it is.

Which roles are you comfortable with?

I am a versatile actress. I really don't mind any role. But I must quickly add that there are some things I can't do because I am an African woman. Basically I can't pose nude.

Not for millions of naira?

No. I have my family, friends and fans that look up to me. This is Africa, and our culture frowns at it. May be if I am in Hollywood where posing nude is not
frowned at then I might give such a consideration.

Are you married?

No. I am not married.

Are you into a serious relationship?

No. I am not into a serious relationship. Though I have had serious relationships in the past.

As an African woman one expects that since you are educated you should be planning to settle down now.

(Cuts in) Definitely I would get married because I am responsible and from a good home.

Would you settle down with a movie artiste?

I don't have any problem dating a Nollywood artiste as long as it is where I find my love.

Would you settle down with a poor guy who has all the qualities you want in a man?

Yes of course. He must be intelligent; with me he won't be poor. I don't care if he is poor as long as he has what I want in a man.

What are the challenges of being a movie artiste?

Basically, I am a natural person but as a movie artiste I have some restrictions which has to do with my social conduct. Though, I take the bull by the horn

Do you party or go to night clubs?

Once in a while but I prefer to be indoors reading.

If you are to be confined to a solitary place what are three things would you take with you?

I would take my Bible, I would love to take my phone (if I am allowed to do that)because I love to communicate, My novel and enough food for me to eat!

Your best meal?

I love beans and plantain.

Do you take alcohol?

Yes. But I take a bit of it when I want to sleep. I don't smoke.

Who has been most influential to your life?

My mum has been most influential to me because she taught me to be who I am.

Your worst movie as movie artiste?

I don't think I have featured in any movie that has made me feel bad.

So far have you had any embarrassing moment?

There is a movie entitled 'Last Occult', I used to have a persistent caller who kept insulting me for my role as a goddess in the movie. One particular day I
was hanging out with my friends and someone worked up to me and called me a witch. I felt really embarrassed.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I travel and spend time with my parents. I don't involve myself in any sporting activities.

What is your view on Nigerian men?

The only thing I can say is that Nigerian men are full of what they know best to do. I have never had any bad encounter with any man. I know what they want is hang
out with popular female artistes. I don't have any problem with that.

What is your take on make-up?

I love make –up but I don't apply excessive make-up on my face. I use a different make-up during the day, at night and a different make-up while on set. I also
love wearing perfumes.

And what you wear?

I love to wear jeans. I wear local fabrics when I whenever I am going to church or any occasion.

What is your philosophy about life?

Life is all about being who you are.

Any bad moment?

I had one recently when Francis Agu (a Nollywood veteran) died.

Aside movie production what else do you do for a living?

I am involved in businesses; I get some contracts and lot of things. I have never depended on income from Nollywood. I am in the industry because I love what I
am doing.

What is your wish?

I wish to be a happy woman.

To be a Happily married woman?

May be not happily married. I want to be happy and that means I have achieved everything I want in life.

Does it mean men are not important to you?

Definitely, men would come. But for now men are not my priority.

Who is your ideal man?
My ideal man has to be God-fearing, intelligent and tolerant. Above all he has to love what I do.

Who is your role model?

I love Eucharia Anunobi. She inspires me through her interpretation of roles and her personality.

What do you look out for in a movie script before accepting to be involved in such movie?

I look at the story and the director because whoever is the director will help you as an artiste to interpret your role from the script.