Power of Gossip

By Fatimah Dickson-Bakare
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Fatimah Dickson-Bakare

Gossip serves no purpose other than to hear yourself talk. Catherine Pulsifer

I have a vague picture how women come to terms with gossip whenever we do not know the full story, we tend to create one especially when it suits us. I was with one of my friends recently, whose daughter is preparing for her wedding and they were trying to send out invitation cards especially to those that will give them good gifts. Jack's name was top but there was a caveat, his wife must approve of the quality of gift that must given. In fact , my friend told me that the respect of Mrs. Jack is the affection Mr. Jack gives you.

He will always say in his barry tone voice, kindly discuss with mummy she will get back to me.

I was curious and needed to know more about this iron lady that has bewitched her rich husband. My friend went further, that Aunti Janet as she is popularly called would always end her statements by saying "I’ll discuss with Jack and get back to you" but, we all know she is the Jack while he is the Janet.

The gist is getting sweeter and hotter. Then I asked what is her background and how did an African man become this "woman wrapper". As we discussed further I realize she was someone I know too well. Jeneti baba headmaster’s daughter. Its a small world indeed.

Janeti met Jack few months after her NCE. She was working as a teacher in a private school. Jack couldn't secure his dream job so he managed at a polytene factory, their salary was meager but they managed. She earned more then the man and she kept the home. I remember she used to organized extra lessons for children in the neighborhood while her husband drank his life away in frustration.

During one of the long term holiday, Janeti was missing for a week and everyone panicked except the husband. She resurfaced on the seventh day looking tired and dirty in white-like or milk colour gown. This became her tradition during holidays and for the first six years of her marriage.

Jeneti knows all the prayer mountains in Ibadan, she struggled to keep her home even when nobody believed in her husband.

Nobody knows your story better then you, nobody knows your struggles better than God. Jeneti paid her price even when nobody believed in her husband, she tarried before God for this man to succeed.

I am so glad that her husband loves and respects her to the extent that people believed she had charmed him. However, no one can charm strong headed naughty Uncle Jack, and a typically African man.

Never underestimate the power of a praying wife and mum, she is as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove. In her weaknesses God gives her strength.

If you no sabi the story just shut up...