Today's Christian Devotion 18 - 10 -2019

By The Nigeria Voice
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Praise God, we are up this Glorious morning. It is a thing of joy. David in one of the Psalms prayed thus :

"Lord I Call upon you; hasten to me. Give ear to my voice when I cry to you: Let my prayers be counted as incense before you and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice".

My Beloved, be rest assured that as you cry to God this day, and as I join my faith with yours, to cry to him for me, you and our own, it is the habit of God to answer our prayers.

I pray that your prayers be filtered and purified by the blood of Jesus Christ, they will come unhindered and as sweet smelling incense before God in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. In this last quarter, as you lift up your hands in prayers in his presence, to lay your complaints and make your demands, our father and our Lord will hear and answer you.

Heaven will respond with a big resounding Amen, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen and amen. Heaven is a glorious place to end at last. Don't miss it. Abundant grace to you and your family.

Good morning, and enjoy your weekend.