We all have FM station balances

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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As I was driving pass the market, I met an old friend whom I had not seen in years.

Good to see you he told me and I replied same. We talked briefly and he noticed I was in a hurry to live, I mean we could all see it was about to rain so there was no point having a long conversion.

He followed me even though I didn't ask him to but I could understand.

We got to my BEAUTIFUL car, I drive an amazing beautiful car. Even though Keke has spoilt some parts, Moto na Moto.

While in my car he started a conversation on how good I look, I know I look good so never mind flattering me. But come to think of it, powder and lips stick can do wonders in the lives of women.

As we moved on I noticed my fuel gauge had clocked down and I needed to enter a petrol station.

I picked my purse to use a pos at the petrol station, while the fuel attendant was busy with me he picked my phone to do what I don't understand.

I did a Pos transaction for 1000 naira. Hence its a small car with an amazing fuel economy, it will take me to the office and back home for five days. I plan my earnings big time.

An alert came in as usual, but before I could get into the car, my old friend had already looked at it.

Never assume anyone that has a car is rich.
Less than a minute after I purchased fuel my friend asked to come down from my car. He said he needed to see someone that will give him money that he knows I don't have the money to spare.

I looked at him and smiled back. Because my account reads FM station: 90.5, 101.2, 101.4. he quickly came out of my beautiful car.

We all have our struggles and responsibilities. If that uncle or aunt or friend gives you 2K from their 30K salary that’s almost 10% of their salary and if only you know how many days they went to work just for you.

They have cars, own a home, that doesn’t mean they have a well of money and they have plans too. God bless us all with sufficiency.