By NBF News

Nude clubs are springing up all over the country. It seems to be the trend as people go there to socialise. However, Saturday Sun sought the opinions of women on whether they would like to attend nude clubs specifically meant for girls alone. Here are their responses.

Margaret Moses
No, I will not attend a nude club be it for girls, men or for both. Apart from the fact that it is not our culture, threre is no single benefit to get from there. Come to think of it, what will I be looking for in such places? Is it to look at my fellow girls that have what I have or to look at the way they dance? What would be my motive? I will not even advise my siblings to attend such clubs. If it is a man's club, atleast one would think that you are going to have fun, but what kind of fun would I have with girls that have the same thing I have between my two legs. It is a waste of time.

Benie Mohammed
I can attend a girls' nude club. Are they not girls? What is in it? Is it not better than attending the one for men? If I have the oportunity, I will attend. It is not just to attend, in everything one does, there is an advantage. If I go to such clubs, there is every tendency that I would meet people and make friends.

Anita Eke
I like it and I can attend any time any day. I may find it difficult to attend male's nude club if such exists because it can lead one into having an unprotected sex. Sometimes one finds it difficult to control herself when she is aroused to the peak but such may not happen in a girls' club be it nude or anything. They are of the same sex with you. They cannot arouse you and with this you find out that it is safe.

Patience Kayode
I will never dream of that. Of what use will it be? Before I engage in any activity, I first of all ask myself what I stand to gain. What impresses others dosen't impress me at times. I have a future and I cannot achieve my dream by attending nude clubs be it for male or female. Apart from that, I see no fun in it since they are of the same sex with me. Is it their private parts that I am going to watch or the way they wringle their waists? I can't understand why such exist and what will make me go there.

Udoka Lazarus
A nude club? God forbid. I cannot go there. Our bodies are sacred and precious to our husbands. So, why go to expose it to the world to see before he starts enjoying it? I don't even know that such exist let alone going there. I know what I want in life and that I stand for. All these lead to nowhere and like the Bible says, there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end is destruction. Such clubs are meant to destroy and not to build.

Omolara Ruth
Even though I am a girl, I cannot attend nude party for girls.

If you just start doing so, men would look down on you.

It is good to behave well. When you dress nude, men will be running after you. When your time comes, you will get.

Stella Onwe
I cannot attend nude party for girls because it does not make me a descent lady. I attend parties but that someone will walk into a party where all girls present are nude, I cannot be part of it.

Itunnu Lawal
Yes, I can attend an all girls' nude club just to meet different types of people. You do not know where you will meet who will assist you in life, so if that is where I will be favoured, I will go.

Toyin Dada
I cannot attend an all girls' nude party because it does not speak well of me. It does not show any sign of responsibility as a Christian. It is an embarrassing place gathering.I do attend parties quite alright but seeing me in a nude party will be difficult to explain to my parents, my entire family, friends and associates. Again, such places are raided by law enforcement agents.

Bimbo Akintade
I cannot because it is unbecoming of a responsible person. Though I attend parties quite alright, the nude one is what I cannot attend. I cannot find myself in such a place, if I am tricked to go, I will not be happy with whoever dragged me there.