By NBF News

Rainy season is not a good time for fashion enthusiasts as it dampens their spirits of donning their best outfits and sexy footwears. Although, the season brings with it an air of romance, dressing to suit the weather makes one enjoy its romanticism.

One of its disadvantages is not knowing what to wear as clothes get spoiled easily thanks to the mud, puddle and rain that rule the season. It is difficult to choose clothes during this time as the season is very humid and everything seems messy. The season is synonymous with raincoats and big umbrellas and the trick is to make them exciting and fashionable at the same time. Below are some fashion tips to help you dress the season as it continues to shower.

Boost your feet with boots
During the rains, it is best to say goodbye to your favorite stilettos or heels. In fact, you should opt for boots, ballet flats or rubber slippers instead. Leather is a not ideal during the rains. Your expensive leather or suede shoes may get spoiled completely.

Never part with your umbrella and rain coat
A cute umbrella is a wet season accessory. There are so many colourful ones to choose from and there are no rules to stick to black. Carrying an umbrella or a raincoat to stay safe from rains is a must for all. Always carry a folding umbrella or raincoat with you and it is also better to carry an over sized umbrella than get wet and mess your dress.

Invest in bright colors
Add colour to your looks and don't be scared to wear something bright and fun on a rainy day. Ransack your wardrobe and dig out clothes in bright colors. The season is known for dark gloomy clouds, do not let the weather bore you, but go out of your way to wear something classy. Opt for vibrant colours like turquoise blue, green or orange.

Glue to your plastic purses and bags
Transparent plastic purses and handbags with water proof materials are ideal.They are stylish, trendy and makes your belongings secured. It is advisable to carry big bags during rains as they help you carry your umbrella or raincoat as you would not want to be stranded in the rains without one. Keep your nice suede or velvet bags for other occasions.

Sexy clothes to embrace
Your clothes should not soak up water easily and even if they do, they should dry up quickly without losing shape. Silk and cotton clothes are completely out for the season as they soak water easily and become loose and limp when wet, thereby, losing its shape. Synthetics like nylon and Terylene are ideal because they are wrinkle- free, dry up fast and regain their original shape when dry. Do away with armless dresses or shirts except if you are going to complement them with leather jackets or denim jackets. Long sleeved shirts as well leather jackets also score high during this time. Keep your dresses as short as possible and if you must wear a pant; opt for a knee length pant to prevent them from getting soiled. Add fun to your appearance this time as we celebrate the rains in style.