Profiling—when your looks is your crime

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Recently I have come to terms with some life challenges within me and I know I have to intensify my prayers. Sometimes I believe we need to praise God for things we are yet to receive.

Our faith and prayers sometimes are not enough but we need to praise our creator more, because God moves in praises.

I got this invitation from my family members on one week of praise on Restoration Ground and I knew it was time to receive in praise.

I got to the junction of Restoration Ground and I was amazed by a young man who directed me on where to park safely.

I followed his direction and it paid off.
After about 2 hour of praise, I got into my car and waved at the young man who assisted me in the first place.

Less I forgot, the young man was a dark skinned, slightly muscular. He had full hair with cut, neat and nice looking just like Dele Ali the footballer whom my son loves.

While in the car, I saw heavy military presence approaching. I was scared and confused whether to drive off or wait for them to walk pass.

Some of the military men wore mask on their faces while others were bare. They all had log of wood in their hands, horse wipe and guns. It was very scary and terror moving sight.

They moved to the young man that directed me to a parking spot , and started hitting him. He was asked to remove his trousers and enter the gutter.

I was astonished. Suddenly, one of other military men asked the boy to come out of the gutter and kneel before him.

What happened next surprised me. He barbed the boys hair terribly with a razor blade.

Then I began to imagine what does the Nigerian military do within the Nigeria communitues they are posted to.

Still in my stationary and fear mode, I quickly asked if the young man had done something wrong?

The response I got was scary. One of our local actors was also a victim I was told, he was injured by the same set of military men for his hair cut. Of course we all know what hair means to artist and sports men.

The young mans offence was his hair cut. It was a full hair well styled and neatly kept.

I don't understand what hair has to do with civil unrest, hair like that of Prof. Wole Soyinka, Charly Boy, Dele Ali to mention but few. Ooops did I add my loving and highly cerebral hubby has a dread too.

However, if Phyno, Flavor, Korede Bello, Olamide, Dele Ali visits Jos, will they barb their hair or offer to give them personal security with siren and heavy military presence? Or ask them to kneel dawn for a razor blade shave?

This I bet we all know the answer. Money answereth all call. Nigeria is a nation of serious profiling, our security outfits are reactive rather than proactive, we major in minor, and leave the major.

So, hair plus tattoo equals crime, soon lipstick will translate to prostitution, the way heartbreaks are now solved by snipper and the ban of snipper is solution. When will they ban the 3rd Mainland Bridge or ban or shave the hair of our highly immobile leaders.