Half and half...

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Few days ago my unusual pup fell ill, it wasn't’t eating, I knew what the problem was, so as usual I called my vet doctor. I recalled first time the doctor saw it, he said it was an albino with its pink nose and eyes.

My doctor was not in a network coverage areas and the condition of the dog was deteriorating. I needed to act fast otherwise I will lose another beautiful dog.

I recalled vividly when Seyi Babalola's dog fell ill over the weekend and he commended the medical team that revived his dog at the new University of Jos Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Jos.

Without further I do, I drove straight to the vet hospital.

The hospital used to be a state government hospital, for those of us in Nigeria we know what that means.

I met a beautiful woman at the counter, to my surprise she welcomed me with a beautiful smile. I looked around to be sure she was talking to me...Indeed this is a new Nigeria or perhaps I am just lucky.

Within 15minute I was in front of another amazing Doctor who carried out a thorough check on my dog. Again I am so surprised it is happening in Nigeria. I believe we can do it if we want to.

After the diagnosis, we were moved to the ward for treatment. Again another set of dedicated Nigerian workers. The nurses there were so good to the animals and they were treated like humans. For the first time I am seeing dedicated Nigerian workers.

While my puppy was on drip, I noticed another dog on drip defecated on the treatment table and the medical personal had to hurriedly do the cleaning and continue treatment on another dog.

Less than two minute after, my dog also defecated on the treatment table and the medical personnel cleaned it himself.

I was astonished then I asked gently if the cleaners are not around. They only smiled and didn't give me a concrete answer.

My dog's treatment was for 3days so I carefully observed the cleaning pattern of the cleaners.

One of the medical personnel in a gentle voice told me the cleaners are mamas and they can't order them around like young kids. So therefore, the nurses doubled as cleaners and medical personnel.

I however noticed the large deposit of cobwebs in the treatment room which I think shouldnt be there in the first place.

You know you can't behold a gory site why apply for the job of a cleaner in a teaching hospital? Government money back..

The University of Jos Veterinary Teaching Hospital has amazing doctors and nurses, but the cleaners scored zero in front of a decimal point. While the doctors and nurses were superb, the cleaners acted appallingly, so my commendation is half and half, hospital, good; doctors bad. Doctors good; equipments terrible. Cars good; roads with maps like Nigeria potholes. We must go beyond our haphazard way of doing things; let’s do it well and do it well the whole hog.