By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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In life, you never can tell where your destiny will lead you to, but everyone hopes for the best.

After a my SSCE exams, I had always dreamed of leaving home for the the University. I wanted to explore other places, the people, culture, new friends and off course, travel out of home.

My father is my best friend, my first crush I must admit. He works very hard to cater for me and my two brothers. He is a very busy man. As an architect, he pays attention to details and he is also a very good listener.

My mother is a quite person, spiritual and observant. I think my father acts on her command or rather a mutual thing

God's willing I passed my JAMB and I got admitted to the University of Jos. It is indeed an amazing experience to be on your own.

Like any other year one student in the University, I made new friends, one of them is Teni my roommate. She was also leaving home for the first time but I must say she is wild.

Less than 3month in the University Teni had 4 boyfriends and she was ‘sleeping’ with all of them.

This beautiful ‪Friday evening at about 10pm‬, she was dressed in a bum short and high heels ready to hit the night club.

One of her boyfriends asked me to come along which I declined.

They tried as much as they could to convince me to come along with them to the club but I declined.

My roommate’s father is a pastor of an orthodox church, her mother is a teacher, she lived in the pastoriom all her life. She has never experience life outside church.

I will never go to a night club again in my life I told them as they kept on insisting I must tag along.

Few months ago my mother drove me and my father to a night club, she and my father danced for a while then settled for a drink in a conner monitoring me I guess. I drank and danced all night long.

I remember vividly daddy asked me to have any kind of drink I so desire so I opted for alcohol with ice in it. It was so sweet and I enjoyed it.

I didn't know how I got back home but my bed was wet, I peed on myself.

I had terrible headache all day long and my entire body was hurting me so badly. I saw myself in a pyjamas, Dad told me mum had to change my dress. I will never forget my father’s statement that morning, “if I deep my p***s into your v****a all through the night how will you know?, be careful, the world is wicked ."

This statement made me distant myself from alcohol. Mom later told me she read my chats with my friend and she suspects they had wanted to take my virginity. So they had to act fast.

If my parents can teach me the hard way then what makes you my roommate and other guys better than them. I need to sleep guys, see you tomorrow morning with pain killers and water for hangover.

My father is a rascal I know, I have gone to few of his meetings with him. He has also cheated on my mum few times but it doesn't last. He loves my mum like crazy.

I remember the day mummy fainted at work, daddy cried like a baby, I suddenly became his comfort, I couldn't believe my father could be this weak. However, I have always prayed for a man like my father.

The pastor of our church does not like my dad, I guess he is honest to a fault. Dad’s favorite preacher is TD Jakes.

My roommate Teni, whose father is a pastor shouldn't be in the club. She should not be in the midst of 4 different relationships I told her the next morning as I was trying to nurse her hang over.

Teni told me all her life has been "thou shall not say p***s or v*****a, thou shalt not drink wine, thou shalt not hug a man, thou shalt not wear trouser”, you dare not ask why, but it is a law and doctrine you must follow.

My dad told me similar stories of when he was growing up, his uncle kept a pornography film and warned him not to touch it. He told me the first thing he did was to watch it when his uncle was away.

Few weeks later he had his first girlfriend and needed to kiss her, the girl slapped him and her brother gave him the beating of his life.

The moral of the story; if his uncle had told him how the film will make him have an urge or even get a woman pregnant, he wouldn't have tried it.

So up till now, modern parents still leave in stone age.

I don't understand what she meant but as for me, when I am in doubt, I talk to dad first. If you want to be my lover, be ready to face dad and his questions.

Teni's father is like the law and prophet. Just obey. She must have been caged all her life and needed an avenue to explore.

I must admit, my roommate looks very innocent, and I got my wild looks from my Dad. My nails are always painted and my hair is Anita Baker. Her father the pastor, wasn't comfortable with me the first time he saw me. He gave me a tract that addressed my blue Jeans and red Polo shirt. How I wish he could see the problem in front of him.

But just like the old saying, ‘physician heal thyself’, this man should look into his daughter's eyes and read it, my dad does that but mum reads us better and dad acts on her readings.

I believe God is speaking to this pastor but just like some of them I am the devil distracting his daughter. I hope it won't be too long before he will realize the whore he has raised as an angel.

Wisdom is profitable to direct; parenting is a full time job that demands a balance of tact, love, and discipline. May the Almighty help us with grace to raise godly children, not just intelligent children, matured minds not just inept kids mentally.

©Fatimah Bakare-Dickson