Wow, Wow, Wow Like Ambulance Without Tyre

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
Fatima Bakare-Dicksom
Fatima Bakare-Dicksom

This morning after my morning chores, as usual I went on social media to see what is trending.

So many Nigerian stories, problems, societal issues, insecurity etc.

What struck me was on my friend, Jagunmolu Dare Lasisi's wall. He said "General Hospital, Ijaiye, Abeokuta:Not a single ambulance is working. *Please correct me, if I am wrong."

As a Nigerian born in the North, I began to imagine what exactly do we as a people use ambulance for?

Do you have a relative, family member, acquaintance, friends or foes that has ever been rushed to the hospital with an ambulance? Then, this seems funny but really it is pathetic.

I can't remember anyone that is close to me that has ever been rushed to the hospital inside an ambulance.

Whenever a woman is in labor, it is either her family rushes her to the hospital, she gives birth at home or dies... So I thought I was primitive and needed to enquire from civilized Nigerians if they know anyone who has been rushed to the hospital with an ambulance. I mean you call a number and then an ambulance appears, stretcher, paramedics and all that paraphernalia that helps us defy death momentarily and many a times is the difference between life and death.

While I reflected on my way to the office, there was traffic and I imagined what must have caused it. There were over 30 cars on convoy, all had posters on.

I patiently wait for them to move, suddenly I heard a live band music and they gradually move towards my direction.

As the convoy moves, I imagined what was going on. Few cars went forward, live band played at the back of a moving van then this beautiful ambulance with a poster titled "call to glory'.

And then it hit, it is not that we have ambulances or that we do not, but the problem is that often than not, the ambulance is used to conveyed the dead not the living. The ambulance is seen in a government convoy, the ambulance is a sign of affluence of some sort for the funeral of the high, not-so-high and the mighty. The ambulances for the poor, meant to help them have no tyres when they are available.

I sadly do not see ambulances because even the FRSC would rather used the Toyota Hilux utility than an ambulance, or god help you, in some remote travels you would find the ambulance used to convey firewood.

A nation that majors in minor, and minors in major is what we have since been, and remained.