Do you watch Nollywood abi Nigerian Film ...Nollywood, it’s our peculiar problems in motion

Film is a replica of a society, a truthful lie. 
By Fatimah Bakare
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The American film industry sell security conciousness to their viewers, the Chinese sell martial arts, the Indians sell festival of colours, dance and language.

The Yoruba film industry is a repository of traditional investigation via religious means, I won’t say voodoo but...

Kannywood tells romantic stories by means of non verbal communication with a lot of Islamic injunction. The Igbo culture is also portrayed in the films they, wealth and success are the underbelly.

Nonetheless, Nollywood brings in to play all the perceived style and culture of the Nigerian people to tell stories.

While debate is understandable regarding how the stories are told, whether theatre or screen, quality and quantity, the most important thing is that the story is told.

The quasi elite will always brag about not watching Nigerian films that it lacks quality and content.

I do not agree with that assertion. Every work of art has a theme and a sub theme. For instance, I have seen a lot of Nigerian films where an actor will repeatedly say "I will slap you" before he slaps, and the opponent answers, “you slapped me". Take a deep breath, this is near This is a commonplace in many homes.

Nigerian homes do not have a gun culture like Americans, but we sure have the religious and discipline culture which is replicated in our home videos.

Presently, our stories are becoming extinct, these stories made us who we are, the tortoise, hyaena, lion, spider, wicked mother in-law, the good Oldman, the farmer etc.

Presently, our children are faced with terrible stories that takes them away from the African realities of life.

My elite friends as a matter of principle do not watch Nigerian films and I find it amusing. One of them repeatedly says, I don't like these rubbish they call movies and I have asked my kids never to watch watch it. I can relate but...

I am a filmmaker by practice and study, I advocate strong contenting and quality but it does start from somewhere, and it has...

If you do not patronize our films, it won’t grow, and for those that watch or buy, it still is growing—"Bad belle, I go revenge for public place".

So this big day my ‘I don’t watch ‘Nigerian film’ friend’s first son turned 18 and I am so excited because I have a big plan for him and his whole ‘tush’ family.

When it was my turn to speak, I told the young lad how he has made his family proud, at 18 he is in his 3rd year in the university, with excitement I added "I hope you are moving out of your father's house? This is what Americans do", I added while looking at his father.

My friend didn't find it funny, but I just took my pound of flesh publicly.

How can you be more American more the Americans? I just don't get how some of us behave...NTA is bad, AIT is, Channels ain’t any better, so our consumption is largely western.

The Nigerian peculiar problems are on motion and it addresses the Nigerian issues that we do not know of.

Kanywood will help you know we don't leave on trees in northern Nigeria.

We know which films to watch when addressing the issue of good suitors. Above all, all our films addresses peaceful co existence which we need always.

Go to cinema or purchase our films, you just got someone out of the street. FBD