The winchie wey dey family

By Fatimah Bakare
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I have this friend in Nigeria whose brother is supposedly rich and stays abroad. He has consistently told me how buoyant his older brother is and how he wines and dines with the high and mighty.

My friend is a great guy, highly extravagant, good dress sense, live of the party and above all, a flamboyant gentleman.

I have always wondered what his brother does, in my heart I want to meet him and be thankful for the extravagant life he has given his siblings.

Recently, one of my friends who loves clubbing called me over the weekend, a great guy I must admit, he needed my help ‪at about 5:30am‬.

I am surrounded by great men I must admit so I knew he was in trouble.

My friend has serious hangover and he needed help, I am the only one he could call so I had to bring him over to my house before he gets himself killed.

He narrated how our friend whose brother is abroad bought all the drinks at the club so he had to drink himself to stupor. Insane, you want die because of free drink.

First quarter of the year I had to travel to the UK, I asked my friend to tell his brother I'll be willing to bring any massage back home for them. Deep down I really want to meet my friends brother who is responsible for the lavish lifestyle of his immediate family of five.

The brother agreed to meet me and offered me his house thorough-out my stay in the UK.

My first impression of the brother at the airport was amazing. He is indeed a nice guy and a gentleman. We got talking on our way and he jokingly told me his coming to pick me cost him money. I didn’t understand that but I smiled.

I later realised his paid hourly so his absence from work means no pay.

He took me home and had to go back to work.
He didn't return on till about midnight. I didn’t understand that but I just observed him.

He was up early and knocked on my door. We had a few minutes conversation and he left me paralysed.

He conviniently told me he would return to Nigeria in a few months once his hotel is completed. I was shocked to hear that and I asked him if he has a hotel in Nigeria.

Once again he added that his mother is in charge of the money he sends home and his brother supervises the building.

He has so much faith in his family...I stayed mute.

My short stay at his place, I realized he is an epitome of work. He works as a security personnel at night, cleaner in about 2 restaurants, clears lawns on weekends and other manual jobs.

His mum in Nigeria is living big, his siblings are extravagant and he is in the cold working his life out.

Your family will either make or mar you, build or kill you, this is family witchcraft. FBD