Today's Christian Devotion 30 - 04 - 2019

By The Nigerian Voice
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Obed-edom had no fame, had no special place, had no identity until THE ARK was placed in his house for 3 months. He moved from a NOBODY to become a NATIONAL ICON. He had no address and suddenly He became SOUGHT AFTER. Everybody was looking for the address of who GOD had blessed suddenly and exceedingly.

This is what your testimony will be for the remaining days of your life in the name of Jesus, amen. This morning, God will locate you and release the oil of distinction upon you and you shall be richly endowed in Jesus name, amen.

Almighty GOD will show you favour and establish the works of your hands. You shall experience the fullness of God's awesomeness in all your endeavors henceforth and His divine favour will distinguish you and take you far above all limitations in Jesus name, amen.

Always remember that Jesus is coming back again.
Good morning and have a Glorious day.