Today's Christian Devotion 04-10-2018

By The Nigerian Voice

The Fig Tree May not Blossom, The Vines May Lack Fruit, But Your Joy Shall be Full and Your Blessings Unlimited (Hab.3:17-19).

Beloved, the giver of all good things will attend to you. Monkeys don't climb banana trees but like them most and are always given to them. Therefore, the Lord will give you what you can't get on your own by His Grace which will be sufficient for you and may mercies and favour rest upon you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

You are a WINNER! May God make you greater than who you are, show you more ways than you know, uphold you stronger than you stand, make your future higher than today. Above all may your wishes be granted, your prayers be accepted, your Kindness be limitless & your mistakes be forgiven by the special grace of God in Jesus name amen.

Good morning and Have a pleasant working day.