Today's Christian Devotion 01-10-2018

By The Nigerian Voice

A house project cannot be declared completed when it is not roofed , painted and equipped with all other necessary things for habitation. So therefore, I pray for you, in this month of October, the month of completeness, God shall divinely empower you to complete every ongoing projects in your life, family, career, business, in the name of Jesus...amen.

This month, the Lord shall add more colours to your life and your life shall carry new grace to excel mightily. May God completely paint your life with multiple breakthroughs and testimonies, in the Mighty name of Jesus...amen.

This month, may the Lord stand by you, stand for you, walk with you, work in you and work for you, in the Mighty name of Jesus...amen.

This is your month of rising and shining, you shall arise and shine, in Jesus name...amen.

Good morning and happy new month.