Today's Christian Devotion 20 -09-2018

By The Nigerian Voice

The Mighty hand of God will be with you today directing your steps against errors. He will keep your feet from falling and sinking. Covenant of errors made in your name will not work. Decrees of errors made against your good success will backfire. Garments of errors made for you will be worn by their makers.

You will not skip a step on the ladder of blessings in Jesus name, amen. Every striving of tongues against your glory will cease. God will arrange permanent errors for your contenders and your promotion will rise from their errors.

Every power that says you must fail at all costs will harvest failure in Jesus Mighty name, amen. The acceleration that cannot be stopped, the prosperity that is beyond human explanation, the joy that brings sorrow to the enemies, the transformations that produce congratulations and Celebration, shall be Yours today and forever in Jesus name amen.

Good morning and have a glorious day.