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Today's Christian Devotion 02-09-2018

By The Nigerian Voice

For nine years, the record of the one mile race was just above four minutes. As early as 1945, Gunder Hacgg had tried to break the record with a time 4.01.4 minutes. At that time, many people said the limit of the ONE MILE RACE had been reached and could NEVER be broken! The whole world said it was an IMPOSSIBLE BARRIER TO BREAK, But the Holy Ghost is saying to you today, ON ANY MATTER, NEVER SAY NEVER!. Still on the ONE MILE RACE, in 1945 HOWEVER, Roger Bannister broke that 4.01.4 minute record with a new 3.59.4-minute record. And what was the beginning. As soon as the mystery of the impossible barrier was cancelled, the four-minute mile was attacked and conquered 66 times with apparent ease by twenty-six (26) different runners! If one dismisses this as merely the power of competition, the point is missed. There was just as much competition before the four minute mile was broken! What the succeeding runners discovered from Mr Roger Bannister was that, 'IT CAN BE DONE' and that must be your attitude towards your daily battles. The message for you today reveals that you can attain greater heights than where you are in life, business ,work and ministry today no matter how the year has been! Caleb made a specific request saying, 'GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN', Note the fact that he anchored his request on the prophecy given about him in the past! Like Caleb, remember that THE WHOLE WORD OF GOD IS A PROPHECY TO YOU and that is why you must always settle for nothing less! In these EMBER MONTHS! you can break existing records! It was William Arthur Ward who said 'Adversity causes some men to break down, others to break records'. Determine to be a RECORD BREAKER in these last 4 months of 2018! Go back to God and say "Make me a RECORD BREAKER like Caleb'. I see a NEW NAME on you. RECORD BREAKER! PRAYER POINTS,

(1) Pray and thank God for all he's done in your life so far.

(2) LORD,give me this mountain! Move me to my next level like Caleb.

(3) Lord God ,make my life/ministry, job etc to be labeled as RECORD BREAKER! Pray about this new month seriously!

(4) Holy Ghost, do through me WHAT HAS NEVER BEEN ACHIEVED in my life, family or ministry in Jesus name amen. Cancel TEARS, FEARS; embrace FAITH and HOPE. This is the 9th month, it's a month of delivery. Call on God to deliver your own blessings. Our God will surely hear you out and bless you exceedingly in Jesus name amen.

Good morning and have a rewarding new week.