Today's Christian Devotion 16-07-2018

By The Nigerian Voice

I pray for you this day, that the mercy of God which breaks protocols and recognises not your abilities, nor your disabilities, your strength nor your weakness, shall rest upon you and overrule all your shortcomings and judgement of sin in your life. Divine Heaven shall reposition you for uncommon favour and victory, in the Mighty mame of Jesus...amen.

When the bell is ringing, it brings the attention of the hearer to the direction of the sound. So therefore, beginning from today, God will usher good people only, into your life that will impact your life positively. The Lord shall announce your name for divine favour and promotion. People that matter shall come around you and favour you, in an unexplainable way, in the Mighty name of Jesus...amen.

This day, the Lord will settle you above your expectation and give you continuous joy, in the name of Jesus...amen.

Stand right...
And the mercy of God shall see you through in Jesus name amen. Good morning and have a favourable week.