Ladies Around Age 30 Have Hidden Gem For Mr. Nice Guys

By Farouk Martins Aresa

Mr. Nice Guys and ladies in their 30s have hidden gems in common to share. Many people inadvertently missed out on them. Only the wise ones look deeper, cultivate and appreciate their real characters. Somehow, in their earlier days, the bad guys’ image is creepily appealing to young men and women until full maturity.

When you hear grown ladies claim or tell their boyfriends that God would send another good provider if he fails to meet all their demands, one needs to be suspicious of what god they are relying on. Those fortune tellers exploiting ladies have told them wrongly that Mr. Nice Guy has no choice but to bow to their wishes. The more a lady gets from Mr. Nice Guy, the higher the percentage demanded by their pastors, imams or juju men.

There are special qualities ladies around the age of thirty years old possess that many people fail to discover. By that age, they have gone through some experiences in life and most are tired of fighting men but would rather settle down and enjoy men. They are educated or better informed, ready to contribute to their homes and become loyal to perceptive men: younger, older or in congenial environment may not mind being the second wife.

Many of the Mr. Nice Guys that have been taken advantage of or treated badly complain as if the same injustice have never been meted out to some nice ladies. There are differences, some friends observed. In communities and cases where ladies are less successful, they may ride their way up on the coattail of kind gentlemen known as Mr. Nice Guys. Ladies are more perceptive in their choice of men since he is expected to bring home the bacon.

Their past relationships with Mr. Nice Guys that they have dumped left many of them with regrets for playing too hard to get. As they get above thirty, they start losing some confidence, realizing that those Mr. Bad Guys in their past life desire younger ladies. It makes them wiser but sometimes desperate. They envy, but not jealous of their cohorts that have married while they remained single.

Fortunately, there are men out there that realize 30s hidden gem and change of ways as a savvy lady willing to kiss and make up with a matured and perceptive man. In the case of falling for a younger man, they may have to bring more to the table, not necessarily in terms of wealth but tolerance that will ameliorate their partner’s rambunctious character. They may need to polish him up to a more cultured standard.

The older men looking for a mature lady are quicker to realize their hidden gem. Some big city cultures frown at ladies that marry older men. What they do not realize is that at certain age, men are willing to keep even their daughters within the people they know and feel more comfortable with than leave their daughters to the abuse or suffering and smiling in the hands of some randy thugs. Other siblings may “pokenose” into their sister’s business.

Indeed, it is common within royal houses, not only in Africa but in Europe and Asia to marry within. Prince Charles married Lady Diana young and so was Pierre Trudeau, the former Prime Minister and the father of the present Prime Minister of Canada married Margaret Sinclair, 22 at the age of 52. The irony is, the same young men that never married their cohort, waited until they were ready to marry a younger lady. Some have used derogatory words to label such union, especially if the older man is rich. If he is poor, it could be out of love!

There are still good guys out there seeking ladies that will complement their life. While it is true that most young men wait longer these days than their parents, as their age mates get older, they later seek younger ladies to marry. But the main reason young men wait longer is to develop enough confidence so that they can carry the burden and responsibilities of a family. Posh and expensive wedding is not as weighty, as a reason for the average guys.

Young men and ladies delaying weddings because they want extravagant parties are not as common as the lavish ceremonies you see among politicians’ children. Most young people just want to settle into a happy home. The longer it takes to get into a happy home, the more desperate some of the ladies become. Many ladies have certain types of men they dream about but do compromise as they get older.

Unfortunately, as they become more desperate and seek guidance from pastors, imams and lastly juju men that would help them land that man, they are exploited and taken for a ride by the same fortune tellers that is supposed to help them. They make demands on these ladies. Their demands varies from pastors, imams to juju men. Just to regain confidence that is based on qualities that has never left them in the first place.

The saying that Mr. Nice Guy never lasts or always comes last because they are treated worse than the bad guys come from the false sense of security in many young ladies. By the time they lose the best guys they have ever met, it is too late. Whatever is behind their confidence: beauty, immaturity, age or class always seems to fade as they get older. They run to juju men to reclaim some of their lost confidence and glory that never left them.

One thing fortune tellers have in common is boosting the ego of the ladies. There is nothing wrong with boasting about substance, not shadows. Promising them Mr. Nice Guys and taking all the credit without leaving any, for the effort of these ladies make them totally dependent on the commands of pastors and imams; especially juju men willing to exploit them. These days, it is becoming difficult to differentiate juju men from the men of God in their demands.

No one would expect any man of God to make demands that involve sacrifices and sacrileges. Through the efforts of these ladies, they may meet Mr. Nice Guy but their juju men would never give them the credit. They will take all the credit for providing Mr. Nice Guy. If anything goes wrong, they are ready to put the blame on the ladies for not following their instructions properly. They give her all the blame and take all the credit.

Indeed, if the ladies failed to snatch a husband by their late twenties, their attitudes change, becoming more desperate. Parents get worried wondering why she has not brought home that nice guy they had been expecting. It drives single ladies to employ juju men, pastors and imams in pursuit of that man that is responsible, mature and kind. As ladies attend more weddings of friends, they pray feverishly for their own time to come.

Pastors and imams would tell them how God is going to bless their dream. Some even talk about how God has spoken to them of how to accomplish the dream. In many cases, they demand certain sacrifices from these poor ladies. You see them in churches and mosques more often wondering when they have become devoted Christians or Muslims. Their demeanor may even change as time goes by, without the man they want.

Once a mature lady gets her confidence back, she needs to work more on her relationship with her man than depend on outside influence that would hold her as hostage so that they could keep collecting tithes, sacrifice and sacrilege.