Love Blossoms

By Melanie Miller

Love blooms for us,
everytime we look at one another.
Love is comforting and kind when we say,
'our love yous'.
You hold me in your arms gently, and you know..
I fall for you each time you tell me you love me so.

I know that with time, our love will grow deeper for one another.

I never want us to part, as you are my soul and heart...

and you make me feel complete.
You lift me off my dainty feet and kiss me passionately, and sweetly.

There is not a kinder soul then you, my love.
Yes..our love blossoms each time we embrace and the flowers you gave me,

mean a lot to me my gentle prince and like those colorful flowers, you have the power,

to love me alone and care for me and like that gentle wind, you sweep your hands through my tresses,

and I know our love is blessed with love and kindness and as we entertwine, and I know..that our love,

is wonderful and beauty lies in our souls for one another.

You make me strong, and not weak, and you make me feel as if I could count the hours, when you return,

and then so I do just this.
You are my inspiration and my destiny.
We are to be together forever, this I feel and know.

We are so much in love and love blossoms each time we kiss.

I reminisce about us at times when we are apart, and would feel broken hearted if we ever did part,

but I know somehow, we shall always remain as man and wife, for the rest of our lives, and be as one forever more.

So stay with me and let this special love blossom anew each time we embrace and as you touch me tenderly on my porcelian face... I fall in love with you all over again.

You always make me feel so proud of you and I want to shout outloud, just how much I do love you, truly you are the man for me,

and shall always be my one true love that makes pictures come to life, and flowers bloom in the room.

You will always be the angel of my dreams and so it may seem, we never bicker and fight, so we can see that our love is romantic and special and endearing.

We will be forever that special couple that will go down in history for all to know and read about.

the end