I Was Not Jailed —Oyinda

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Ayo Adegbite a.k.a. Oyinda, the star actress, who was alleged to have been jailed in South Africa for drug-related offences, returned to Nigeria recently. She spoke with ENTERTAINMENT CAFE

Are you really the Oyindamola who was recently alleged to have been jailed in South Africa for drug-related offences?
A: I am the popular actress called Oyindamola. Another one is a counterfeit!

Q: What really happened, because we learnt you were jailed in South Africa for alleged drug trafficking?
A: It was a rumour and a big lie. There is nothing like that.

Q: Then, where did the rumour emanate from?
A: Honestly, I can't say where the rumour emanated from, but I give thanks to God because I'm alive, hale and hearty and not in prison.

Q: When did you travel and what happened during the trip?
A: Actually, I travelled to Dublin for a stage performance. From there, I embarked on another journey to South Africa and stayed there for a while. It was while I was in that country, that I heard that a drug trafficking rumour was being spread about me.

Q: How did you feel when you first heard of the rumour?
A: I felt so bad and I am still feeling bad about it, because it's like a threat to my career.

Q: What was your mission in South Africa and why did you stay for so long there?
A: Normally, I do travel to buy jewellery and other things, which I put up for sale.

Q: Now that you are back, what do you intend to do to clear the mess?
A: Actually, I don't know what to do. I just want to advise the people spreading the rumour to get serious and stop all the nonsense.

Q: But is it true that most Yoruba actors and actresses are drug pushers?
A: I can't say because I don't know much about others. I can only speak for myself and I am not a drug peddler.

Q: But do you suspect anybody who might be responsible for the rumour?
A: I don't suspect anybody but I think it is the work of jealous people. They probably cooked up the rumour simply because they are jealous of my rising profile.

Q: So, how did the story get to you?
A: My brother called and informed me that there's a scandalous rumour about me.

Q: Did you have any problems with the South African police?
A: No, there was nothing like that. Honestly, the rumour is baseless and still very embarrassing. I did not even have any problem with my travel documents.

Q: Are you sure there is no problem at all, because...?
A: But do you believe them, too?

Q: It is up to you to prove beyond any reasonable doubt...
A: Okay, if there's is an element of truth in the story, what am I doing in Nigeria? If other actors and actresses are involved in such thing, why not wait till they are arrested? For now, only Wunmi's case is making the rounds and we can't really ascertain whether she did it or not, until the court proves otherwise.

Q: When you returned to Nigeria, how did people relate with you?
A: In fact, I don't know how to explain it. People were just looking at me with surprise. And since I returned, I have not been able to visit the media houses that published the story because I don't know much about them and their office address. I heard it was reported that I have been jailed for 17 years.

Q: Are you sure you were never detained for any offence, maybe traffic or others?
A: There was nothing like that.

Q: So, what next after the alleged drug trafficking?
A: Actually, ANTP members are supposed to go on compulsory leave from today. So, as a bona fide member, I just have to comply. But I have only returned to the country to clear the rumour. I hope to return to South Africa soon but first, to Dublin and later, South Africa.

Q: Why do actors and actresses travel to Dublin, what's so special about the place?
A: I just love to go there.

Q: Why is it that you have not been featuring in films lately?
A: I like producing my own films. I will record mine after the break.