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One of the bigger boys in the movie industry, Wale

Ilebiyi popularly referred as Omo Allen in the Yoruba genre of

the Nollywood has finished all plans to flag off his

movie academy.

The handsome movie maker, Wale, this time, is

planning big for the industry players and movie

watcher with his new invent. If you can recall, the

young achiever changed the face of movie in the

Yoruba arena when he released a block-buster movie

in 1995, 'EJE OKIKI' [the bloodline] which starred

Taiwo Hassan [Ogogo] and the late Bimpe Adekola

[Ireti] has floated a movie academy that is expected

to broaden the horizon of the practitioners as well

as upcoming players.

Wale, the wonder boy, who is noted for his sense

of creativity and originality as he has been

churning out hits like the sell-Out Omo Allen flick

in 2000 was recently cornered and he said of his new

incursion. “The project has been in the pipeline for

quire a while, but you know, I am not the type that

rushes my thing without proper planning. Most of the

so called professionals learn on the job, they

really don't know this stuff thorough and thorough”

he boasted.

And for his movie academy, he says “this is the

right time for them to broaden their knowledge,

polish and update their techniques and the would-be

actors too who are just coming into the industry

will have a lot to gain from the academy.”

In addition to his project, Wale is said to dazzle

all and sundry with his two soaps, 'Light in the

Tunnel and 'Aje' which he has complete shooting. And

also his latest release, entitled 'Ore O Simo' [No

More Friend] is set to be released into the movie


By: Alonge Michael