When we are apart....

By Melanie Miller

When we are apart, it's like my heart is broken into pieces...

But when we are together, life blooms all over again, for us.

I trust in our love, that it will be forever for us.

I love you so much, and while we're not together, I feel sad.

I want to always feel happy, even when we are apart.

I want to always feel elated when we're together, and most the time, I do.

I don't want you to ever leave me for another as would tear me into.

You are the only man I love, and am thinking of.
You're my destiny, and dream come to life!
And...I would be proud to be your wife.
You make me feel alive inside my soul.
I want our love to be magickal and splendid for all times to come.

You make me soar to the sky and then some.
You make me feel giddy like a young school girl, in love with her teacher.

You make me feel happy, in the fact of knowing we love one another.

You're all the man I need and greed for!
We can explore so many worlds together, and always be each others dearest friend.

You are a real God-send and I cherish and adore only you.

So be with me for ever and take me into your loving arms and together we will cherish each other,

until we both parish from this world.
You will always be my soul mate and I your soul mate as well.

You are what I need and all I want is you.
tis' true, that I care so much for you, my prince.
Be with me for always, and I shall be with you for always too.

by melanie miller