Alien Zombie

By Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller

Tom and Jon were hunting and it was getting rather late outside. The night wind seemed to howl. There was mischief in the night air. Together they walked back to the old beat up truck Tom owned and Jon seen a falling star...or what appeared to be a falling star.

"Did you see that?" Jon asked with curiosity in his voice.

"See what?" Tom asked.
"Look, he said with excitement in his voice, to his friend...There seems to be someone or something getting out of a space ship!"

Together they looked in amazement. There was indeed another being coming out of the ship.

They wore frightened and decided to get into the pick up truck, with its paint peeling.

Soon...they made it back to their homes. Tom was scared out of his gourd and told no one what he just witnessed.

About half an hour later, there was a silent knock on Jon's front door! It was Tom.

"I think they're after me, or us Jon!"
"Shh...keep your voice down, my kids and wife are trying to sleep."

"Sorry about that, Tom said...but I think one of them followed us home..."

"Nah...couldn't be," Jon said back to his long time hunting buddy.

"I think they want to drain our brains or suck our blood right out of us!" Tom said frantically.

"What you need is a stiff one...let me get ya a beer out of the frig..." Jon said to him.

He paused for a moment..."Yea, sounds good to me." He said to his pal.

Soon the ice cold beer was in Tom's hands, and he was shaking all over.

Jon seen how nervous and edgy he was, and was deeply concerned.

They decided to watch some TV, and there was a horror flick on, wouldn't you know.

The two men looked at one another and Jon rose up and turned it to the news.

There was a news man on, and he talked about invasion from another planet.

Jon looked in amazement at the TV and said to Tom, "Say maybe there is an alien invasion." he said with a chuckle in his voice.

"There must be, said Tom…what are we ever gonna do!"

"Now…just try to be calm and relax...maybe it is some kind of a prank...maybe what we seen were some kids pulling our leg!" And others may of witnessed it as well, and all it is, is some uppity teens getting their kicks off of scaring old ladies, you ever think of that one?"

"Nah, it's no prank Tom said to him; you seen what we saw! And maybe others have too! Do we tell anyone we seen this alien?"

"I wouldn't just yet pal!" Jon said to him.
"'s on the news anyways, he said."
"I know it is on the news." Jon said back to him.
Soon there was a sound outside, and Jon got up and grabbed his trusty riffle.

There definitely was something stirring up the night.

They went to the window.
"Did you see that!?" Tom asked.
"Why do you think I grabbed my gun for?"
Soon there was like a tremor in the home, but it did not wake up his family.

It was almost like a tiny earthquake.
Next thing they knew, they wore both standing outside, and inhaling the nights' fragrance.

Something went right past Jon and he fired a shot in the air.

The woman of the house got up and fled down the stairs!

"What is going on down there?" she asked her husband.

"'s nothing dear, nothing at all...I just accidentally fired off my gun; now go back to bed."

She eyed her man but did as she was told.
"We gotta get them out of here, without panicking them," Jon said.

"But what do we tell them, that earth has been invaded by Mars or something?" Tom asked, his eyes as big as saucers.

"Well think of something to say." Jon said.
There was another sound, and they heard bushes rumble, or make a rumbling sound.

They looked at one another again in sheer amazement.

"Let's check it out," Jon bravely said.
"I'm not going out there unless I have protection." Tom said to his friend.

"Oh, alright then...take my gun...I got another one in the dresser, be right back. And stay right here!"

"I'm not going anywhere" he said to him.
"That's good, now give me a sec. and I will return."

Soon...Jon was back with a loaded gun and he said to his friend, that they wore gonna go outside and check it out.

Tom was hesitant but did as Jon told him to.
They both bravely went searching for anything.
It was slimy and green, and with red eyes!
The men found it in the barn.
It looked at them, with vicious intention, and the men fled back to the house.

"I couldn't fire, my gun!" Jon said.
"Me neither! What on God's green earth do we do now, hide?!" Tom questioned him.

"We stay put, don't go anywhere, I am calling the police!"

"The p-p-p-, Tom stuttered. What are the police gonna do?"

"Maybe they can come over and shoot the bastard right between the red eyes!" he said to him.

Soon the police wore there and his wife got up to see what the heavens was going on this time around.

"It's nothing hun, just go right back to bed."
She did not want to go right back to bed and stayed up to find out what was happening.

A few shots wore fired and the police knocked hard on the door.

"Is this the Planters home?" one of the police officers asked.

"Why yes it is said Mrs. Planters, what's wrong?"
The police officer said, "I need to talk to your husband alright mam?"

She backed away and fled back up the stairs to check on the kids, to make sure they wore sleeping and safe.

The police officer said." Now that we're here and no one is listening but me and you, "I want to tell you, that thing in their is not human!"

He looked at the police man, and said. "No shit!" I just saw the bloody thing myself! It has red eyes and green, covered in gooey slime!" Why do you think I called you for?"

"Now…now...said the police officer…there is no need to get testy with me."

"Testy, you think I am being testy?"
The officer just looked him up and down and asked some questions.

"Did you have contact with this alien or whatever it is; did you touch him or her?"

"No! Hell no...I did and Tom got in my truck and drove as fast as we could, do you think I would even dream of touching a thing like that officer?" he questioned back at him.

"It's just standard procedure to ask, is all,” said the officer.

The police man said he would be back later on, and call the army if need be...but what can the army do?

Anyways, they both went back to the barn even though the police man had forbidden them to do so.

"Is it dead?" asked Tom.
"I dunno, why don't you check its pulse!" Jon said.

"Oh very funny Tom said with a pretend laugh.
Soon…they wore looking at the alien's eyes again and they seemed to be glowing. It was moving about and struck one of the men, and took a bite out of Tom! Jon fired a shot in the air, or perhaps it hit the Alien, he was not sure of this one, he just wanted to get far away from this creature...or at least back inside his cozy home.

It must be an Alien Zombie; it just took a bite out of me!" Tom said with fear in his voice now.

"Run for it, back to the house!" Jon screamed...nervously.

Together they ran and found the door would not lock so they put furniture in front of the door.

The woman of the house came back downstairs.
"Now...she said, "What on earth is going on, I want to know right now!"

"shh…you'll wake the kids honey," Jon said.
"The kids are fine; she said...what is going on down here!"

She continued, "I heard so much noise and the police came, tell me someone, what is going on...

Right now!"
Jon, looked at his wife with much concern..."It's an alien sweetheart...and I called the police to come and check it out. They shot at this creature and it was still alive, when Tom and I went to the barn! I fired a shot this time around and it still moved."

"What on earth? What in heavens name?" she said, tears welling up in her azure colored eyes

"Hun…don't worry, every thing is under control," he said trying to confront his nervous wife.

"Don't try to coax me none, I want out of here!"
"But…we can't, Jon said." We need to stay put, unless our lives are in grave danger."

"In danger, she said...well what do you call this?"

A rumbling sound just happened to find its way at their front door, and it was the Alien!

The wife screamed and went back upstairs to the children.

Then Jon grabbed his trusty gun and fired shots into the air, and hit the Alien good this time around, he was sure of this much.

But the Alien broke into the home he dwelled in for so many years.

Tom was feeling very nauseous and said he needed some water.

The water was in a picture on the table.
Jon handed it to him and nervously, Tom drank every single last drop of it.

Tom was beginning to throw up and soon he was making hissing sounds.

"Tom! Buddy? Are you alright?" Jon asked him.
But..he wasn't alright. He was ill and began to try and bite his long time pal right in the neck!

The Alien made him into a Zombie! And it tried to attack his friend, Jon.

In no time flat, he raced up the stairs and got his wife and children out of the house.

Now how cozy and safe was his invaded home!
The Alien Zombie went after them at top speed on his feet, and found them in the cellar.

But…he could not get inside it.
The Alien was furious as he wanted flesh to eat, so he went inside Jon's home and found Tom.

He began to eat Tom's flesh and polished him off. Good thing though, in a way as Tom would of turned into a Alien Zombie flesh eater.

Soon the police wore back again and this time they brought the army as said he would.

They got out of their vehicles and found the Alien. They fired many shots at this creature of the night, and soon the Flesh eating thing, retaliated and began taking chunks out of the men's flesh. No one wanted to stick around but they had to kill it before it ate the whole town up!

The Alien was captured and contained inside a barrel.

They took it to the lab to be examined...and took Toms body, what was left of it, as well, and it was contained inside a barrel like the Alien Zombie was.

Jon was sad to lose his best friend, but he knew now that it was all over with, and that they could all feel safe now.

By Melanie Miller