Source: Chief and Mrs. Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
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Today 23rd May, 2010 marked the 18th anniversary of my marriage to my God sent wife, Mrs. Evang. Ada Chioma, Henrietta Eze. We met first on 8th January, 1986 in UNICAL as students. I was admitted through JAMB in October, 1985 to read Philosophy while she came in through direct entry in January, 1986 to read History. She is from Imo State while I came from Ebonyi State while her parents are well established Educationists mine were farmers and traders.

The funny thing about our union was that I happen be the Coordinator of the first year Students of 1985 set and in that office I am charged to distribute handouts to other students and for no reason I can fathom I decide to withhold this lady's handout until on 17th January, 1986 she decided to confront me frontally and warned me never to try that again. We got closer through Sports and in 1987 I was appointed the Faculty of Arts Sports Coordinator and I needed a lady to assist me coordinate the female athletes and been one of the best athletes in the Faculty of Arts I appointed her the Female Athletes Coordinator to help me organize and visit the female athletes in their various hostels. That year through her efforts we won the UNICAL inter Faculty Games for 1987 which led to my election as the SUG Director of Sports though I have been the University's Football Team Manager from 1986 to 1989 during which the University won the maiden edition of the NFA/PEPSI COLA Football Tournament amongst Higher Institutions in Nigeria. PEPSI COLA later in 2007 sponsored us to a playing tour to Belguim and Denmark. The University gave us scholarship to assist me finish my university education.

Back to my story of meeting with this lady of my life. She graduated in 1988 and was posted to do her youth service at Rivers State while I graduated in 1989 and was posted for my youth service in the defunct Gongola State that gave birth to the present day Taraba and Adamawa States. What may look like madness in our relationship was in 1988 when I travelled to meet with Mr. Paulinus Nwaorgu the man that will be my father in law to introduce myself and intention on his daughter. A student without any strong financial base been trained and fed by GOD to indicate interest of marrying a fellow undergraduate is the highest level of madness any sound mind can think about but that was my story. I was received warmly particularly by my father in law who was a product of the famous CKC Onitisha where I also graduated from. Later I met with the senior brother, Dr. OGB Nwaorgu now Prof OGB Nwaorgu and other members of the family.

She joined me at Yola after her youth service in Rivers State where I was still doing my own youth service. Our story is a long one but to cut it short. After my service I decided to stay back at Yola, Worked briefly in the Gongola State Sports Council as its PRO and through the help of Alh. Gidado Abubakar who was the Chairman of Yola LGC where I was the Corps Liaison Officer and after the creation of Taraba State in 1991 was appointed the DG of Ministry of Works an office he used to give me a contract which I executed in 1991 and by December, 1991 I was at Imo State with my people to formally pay all the traditional rites as regards paying dowry of my wife and by May, 1992 Rev. Ignatius Kagama the present Bishop of Jos Dioceses of Catholic Church joined us as husband and wife. Today, 23rd May, 2010 marked the 18th Anniversary of this venture that has produced six beautiful kids the smallest being Grace of 6yrs. We graduated also the same date from FUTY where we bagged our Master's degree in Public Administration (MPA) in 2008.

AS a friend and brother, I tell you this story of my life to encourage you that if as a student without any help but the help from God and could raise such a family I don't see any reason why you should being worrying yourself about your morrow.

Thanks and God bless
Chief and Mrs. Eze Chukwuemeka Eze