Lovely Goddess

By Melanie Miller

She dances in the wind.
She is beauty to the eye of the beholder.
A true woman of beauty and candor.
She wants to reach out to me, and touch my hand.
The ancient paths she had taken, shows in her eyes.

I love the way she paints the earth, she sees her canvas and paints

pretty pictures with a stroke of her hand.
Her gift to me, is the moon...the stars and the heavens.

Her gitfs are never ending, for me and she sees me as a friend.

I worship her and her alone, and she takes this into consideration.

I see her face in the water at dawn, and smile at her, as she is smiling at me.

She is the lovely Goddess of the sunrise and sunset and you can bet, she will always...

be around as she is as old as the seas and trees and mountains...and I will see her in my visions,

and dreams when I sleep at night.
I want to take a magickal flight and see her one day in the other world and fly with her, around the world.

She is pure loveliness and sweetness and my dearest friend is she, the lovely Goddess of love.

I am enchanted by her, and her gentle ways and she shall always stay with me during the nights and during the days....

the end...