Singer, Timi Dakolo Defends Wife outfit to Event (photos)

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Singer, Timi Dakolo, might be that jovial fellow but he is not ready to allow any form on insult on his pretty wife, Busola, who is currently trending due to her fashion outfit.

The singer and his wife had dressed in the old school fashion outfit of the 70s for Tonye Cole AT 50, although she tried in modernizing the outfit but some fashion Police out there did not find the style funny.

Many came giving her various descriptions and saying all what they brewed in their belly yet she was able to endure the attacks while she and hubby smiled over it.

But Timi, could not hold it back as he came sharing a meme asking his fans never to duel on something for too long. “DONT DWELL ON IT TOO LONG.”