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To many, this bright eyed, fair complexioned lady is Nollywood's most beautiful actress. She was discovered by Ace film producer, Zeb Ejiro, who liked her looks and gave her an opportunity to star as Nkechi in one of Nigeria's earliest home video productions, Nneka the Pretty Serpent. After brief appearances in two other movies, NGOZI Ezeonu got noticed in the unlikely but, winning role of a high class chic in the well acclaimed movie, Glamour Girls, in 1994.
The 40-year-old mother of three who had a short stint in journalism before finally settling for acting, shares her beauty regime,one that has kept radiant andbeautiful.

What special thing do you do to enhance your looks?

I don't have any special beauty routine. But I try as much as possible to eat well and drink lots of water. I don't abuse my skin with very harsh creams. I believe in moisturizers and very mild baby soap; every other thing is from God.

You do not visit the spa to pamper your skin?

I don't. I don't even do facials.

What's make-up like?

I use concealer once in a while, I use my cake powder as well. For today, I had to make-up because you said we were going to meet. Naturally, I use lipstick and eyeshadow, that's all.

What does style mean to you?

To me, style is being comfortable in whatever you wear. I love to wear jeans a lot because of the nature of the job, moreover I'm more comfortable in it. Once in a while I wear traditional attires to church, otherwise I'm in my jeans and loose tops.

Do you have a designer that makes your clothes ?

No I don't. I just enter into any shop that catches my fancy to get what I want, apart from one lady that makes my linen clothes. I'm a very simple person when it comes to clothes, but for perfumes, I am very selective.

So what's your preference?

Organza, I love it so much. Christian Dior, and Dune are my best.

What about jewellery?

Sometimes I wear gold, when I'm working I wear costumes, at times I go bare depending on my mood.

How often do you wear your natural hair?

I wear wig often. I love full hair but I don't have and since it is what I like, I use wigs and weave-on, except I am doing a job that does not need them, then I go natural.

Do you have a favourite colour?

I don't, but for cars, I love black.

What fashion accessory do you have a flair for?

Nothing. I just wear my jeans and top and I'm off.

You are not crazy about signatures?

No, though I have a few but, when I go shopping for shoes and bags, I usually do not have any label in mind, I just go into any shop and pick what I like,

signatures? No way!

When you are not on location, how do you spend your leisure?

I spend the time with my family. I also listen to music a lot and I read but, I don't read any other book apart from the Bible. I draw my inspiration from the Bible.

Any bad eating habit?

I eat what I like. I love pounded yam and our native soup, forget my weight, if I decide to look at the weight, I won't be able to eat anything. I eat but, I eat reasonably and I drink a lot of water.

How do you burn off fat?

Too bad I don't exercise. The job is enough exercise for me, jumping from one location to the other. Again, I wake up very early, play my role as a mother and wife before I go to work. I work from morning till very late at night and I just want to hit my bed. Though I tried exercising sometime ago, but I stopped.

How often do you treat your nails?

When I'm not working, I leave my natural nails on. I go for manicure, pedicure maybe once in a month. But if I do an epic movie, I make sure I do my pedicure thereafter because of the nature of the job.

Do you intend to go into movie production sometime?

For now I'm an actress, let me remain an actress. I don't think I want to go into production, I enjoy what I'm doing.

What has been an actress done for you?

It has done a lot for me. Beyond the fame and glamour, I've learnt how to deal with people. I used to be very impatient but now, I've learnt to be patient.