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These days at my age, anytime me and friends talk, or hangout our gist always ends up drifting towards marriage. Doesn't matter if we started the conversation about breast cancer, or Obama, or Okotoko. The gist will inevitably end up in marriage or at very least relationships. As most of my friends my age, I myself have gone through a fair share of babes, both good and bad, crase women o, ashawos join inside sef, the holy holy ones, the bipolar ones, the confused, the overly emotional o, the gold diggers with their eyes shining like touch light(not like I have any gold to dig sef), the ones that haven't seen a kitchen in their life and don't even want to know, the ones that can't point nigeria on the map but will be at the first naija party dancing to Dbanj, add the ones that even say "My parents are Nigerian, but I'm from Wisconsin", and the ones that have no time to date sef - just want to marry sharp sharp. Not saying any of these babes are bad o. Everyone get im own wahala and issues, and I'm no exception. My own is that I don't want any of those in my life. In fact there are so many issues that I don't want any parts of, that I've decided to start giving out a check list before or during the first conversation to avoid any confusion in the future.

What religion are you?

If Christian, what Church do you go to?

What are doing with your life? work as?, school for?

Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

Where are you from?

What are your people known for?

In your village, have you heard of people eating people?

In your village, are snakes royalty?

Is your village known for something bad?

Have you ever been blind-folded and taken to a "special" place?

Have you ever used Juju, babalao, or Witchcraft to solve your problems?

Has someone you or your parents hated mysteriously disappeared?

Has anyone is your family killed someone else in the name of politics? (Uncles, aunties and extended family included)

Are you an Ashawo?

Are you familiar with the term Aristo? How familiar are u with that term?

Do you have special "Uncles" that are not related to you that perform "special" favors for you?

Have you ever had sex with someone in exchange for gifts and/or money?

Can you marry a poor man that is working getting rich?

Do you want to be a housewife? If yes, why?

Can you cook? Are you willing to learn?

Have you ever lived in Nigeria?

Can you point Nigeria on the map?

Do you think you can ever live in Nigeria?

Have you ever been married?

Do you have kids? - How many? All same father?

Can you dance Yahoozee!!? (if you fail this one then no hope...LOL)

So far these are the questions on my pre-dating application form -Some by me, some by my parents. Knowing some of the girls I know, I might have offended some, but that one na your own wahala.

If u no like am, then u don't have to worry about me. The fact is, my life has tuned me to what I can handle, and what I cannot handle in my marriage/relationship life. Is it all good? No, but na so the thing be. Na so we see am. If u like, call am stereotype, or any other big big grammar u wan yarn. LOL. My own be say, if you no get A or at least B+ in my questionnaire then the thing go hard. Only if love blinds me for the first couple of years. Not saying that if u pass with flying colors then the thing go work o, but it's start...LOL.

I believe everyone should have their own application questions, and maybe we wont have as high a divorce rate as we do now. Seeing that "love" has been misused these days, I'm not hanging my hat on love that much. Unless it's Christ-like love. I really believe now more than ever that you can't love someone unless you truly know them, and everything about them, and their background.

This is randomly for fun, and is just for laughs. Anyone that is reading this doesn't have to take it too seriously.