Who Wins Gulder Ultimate Search Celebrity Showdown?

Source: Dimeji Ogedengbe - Nigeriafilms.com

The fume is rising, birds in the jungle are leaping high, flapping their feathers resonantly. Every Sunday night has now become prep time for most Nigerian families. Any kid that makes a noise will be a beneficiary of Daddy's smack. The children move closer and closer to the TV and squinting their eyes like a cataract patient. All anticipating who emerges at the maiden edition of the Guilder Ultimate Search: Celebrity Showdown.

At the unveiling ceremony of the reality show, most of the celebrities bragged to be the last man or woman standing or at least close to claiming the ultimate price. Especially Funke Akindele who spoke with utmost enthusiasm that she would be pronounced winner of the show, as if she already dreamt she won.

'Hello! I'm going to ultimate searshh! Sulia ken ayetoro ken, oh my Gosh! (Hooks from the movie, Jennifa) Don't forget sulia is from the village, I've got 'r'it in me men', she professed. Of course if she knew she would only top in the eviction list, she would have been more reserved with her comments that night. All the same, Funke and Princess' combination in the jungle was electrifying. They displayed grassroot fun with speaking their local language (Yoruba) at will.

In the following week, Bob Manuel Udokwu was sent packing from the Treasure Island having lost in the puzzle game. Since Funke laid the solid foundation for eviction, it was only compelling for others to patronize her site.

Naturally in every reality show of this sort, eviction is a spirit. Once the organizers set it free, it becomes magnetic. One man goes, the others follow suit in a quick succession. This time two contestants dropped out from the adventurous journey at once. Gift Nyame (Muma Gee) and Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha.

Although according to the viewers' opinion, Muma Gee and Chioma's eviction was a relief because of Muma's hypocritical and sassy attitude which frequently caused brouhaha between the two and other ladies in the camp.

Despite Muma's backlashes, she pulled one remarkable stunt that has become a controversy among viewers of the show. She got tears out of Emeka Ike's eyes when she was pronounced evicted. – Emeka wept like baby. Muma also left a note for him on his bed where she expressed that she would miss him and promised to extend his love to his wife and kids. Wasn't that romantic?

'Emeka crying over Muma Gee's eviction was childish and senseless. It was off it', a viewer opined. Is it fine to say every strong man has his soft side? After all he cries in movies too…

However, last Sunday's task saw Fuji star, Abass Obesere and one of Nigeria's brightest female comedians, Princess out of the Treasure Island. The task showcased eighteen pots on which the names of the six contestants left in the camp were written and roped on tree branches. The camp commandant, Genevieve Nnaji then asked each of the contestants to take their turns and break as many pots as they could with an axe thrown from a distance at the pots.

Daddy Showkey broke all the three pots which had Princess' name written on them, while Emeka Ike and Darey in turn smashed all of Obesere's; which confirmed Princess and Obesere's exit. Their eviction was the most hurting because both of them especially Princess injected drama, fun and life into the camp.

Before their eviction was announced, Princess fumed and probed Daddy Showkey for breaking all her pots. She noted that it was unfair even after Showkey apologized and claimed it wasn't deliberate.

According to the reality show series, there are four contestants left namely, Darey, Emeka Ike, Daddy Showkey and the last woman standing, Weird MC. Although NET can authoritatively confirm that three finalists have already emerged, but a movie loses its amusement and suspense if it's told before watched. So let's not jump the gun.