Shan George Breaks Up With Husband Number Three

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Stunning actress Shan George has broken up with her husband of seventeen months- the London based Anthony Nwosisi. Shan met Anthony over seventeen months ago during holidays in London. They were introduced by a mutual friend and even though Anthony was seeing somebody at that time(who was also expecting his child), Shan did not hesitate to date him and eventually marry him after a very brief courtship. Their union did not last too long however. It began to crumble when Shan traveled to be with her husband for their first year anniversary and met another woman in his house. There were no celebrations, instead the couple fought and made up quickly before Shan returned to Nigeria. After her return, Anthony began to look for any silly reason to start a fight; one being why Shan had a playboy sticker on her car. Anthony succeeded in pulling a fight and when Shan tried to call him to make up, he did not respond, instead, Anthony came to Nigeria during the Christmas holidays with another woman he introduced to his parents as his fiancé. Confirming their break up to a Nigerian magazine, Shan admitted that she loved Anthony with all her heart, but the marriage was the biggest mistake she has ever made. While Anthony would be Shan`s third husband, Shan was Anthony`s fourth marriage.