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Recently, a gist was run on this page titled “Star Actor Romances top Lagos married society lady” we didn't mention Richard Mofe Damijo's name in the gist. Yet, he sent a text message to us about the gist. Below is the exact reproduction of the text message. And below that is the story itself

This is rmd I hope this is u ejiro.

It's just so sad that a young man like u'd look at me and all u'd want to do is rubbish all I represent. Take all I've done and say all I'm is cos of married women that give me money. I don't reply vile stuff like this ordinarily but I'll leave u with only prayers that one day u find ur true purpose in life. That it's not about trying to pull a fellow man down. I'll outlive ur vile articles and disdain for whatever I've achieved and those who I manage to inspire. Am sure a day 'll come 2 when my certificates 'd be credited to women 2 and why not that's all am good 4.

A handsome and popular star actor is now in a sizzling romance with a married top Lagos society lady. Those in the know squealed that the Delta State born hunk who is married to his second wife and who used to be a broadcaster and banker has been sleeping with the society lady for some time now.

Sources close to the actor told us that the married society lady hails from Edo State and she's a big player in the oil and gas sector. She was heavily indebted to a bank sometime last year and when the bank wanted to take over her company she went to court and battled the bank to a standstill. However, we were told that she used to date the bank MD who now occupies a top political post in Abuja.

Back to their love story, heard, the star actor met the married society lady in the plane in one of her regular trips to Abuja and they hit it off. And before one could say Jack Robinson, the two married and shameless people started sleeping together like a house on fire.

Gathered they normally sneak into hotels situated in obscure locations to have fun, especially hotels where they won't be recognized easily. The popular actor usually goes to these hotels wearing face cap and dark sunglasses.

Insiders said the lady's husband is not aware that, another man has been tasting the wife's honey pot and the actor's Yoruba wife is equally in the dark about her husband's sexcapades with the society lady who was recently given a national honour by President Obasanjo in Abuja. That's not all, we were also told that, the present affair with the married society lady is not the first by the actor, his bosom friends revealed that, the actor is notorious for sleeping with married women. They cited the case of the wife of a former military governor, whom, he dated for a long time and made millions of naira from.

They added that it was the wife of this MILAD that gave him money to buy the land where he built his house in an estate around Ojodu, Lagos. Insiders insisted that it was because of this affair that the ex-MILAD divorced his wife. He has also slept with several married society ladies in Lagos and Abuja. Some said, he depends on these ladies for survival as his company is not doing very well. So, if you see the actor driving a new exotic car or jeep, know that the money he used to buy it comes from his latest married society lady lover.