15 Things That Happen When Your Sister Is your Best Friend

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If you’re lucky enough to call your sister your best friend, 15 things happen that completely change your relationship forever.

1. You share clothes and don’t even care
Growing up, if your sister stole your favorite shirt and wore it to school, it made you the angriest person in the world. Now, the two of you share clothes all the time and it doesn’t even bother you. In fact, you’ve given each other clothes you don’t wear anymore because you know your sister will love it.

2. You must like or share every post she makes on social media

If she’s made a witty post on Twitter or Facebook, or posted a beautiful picture on Instagram, you are expected to like and share or retweet that post so more people can see it.

3. You can talk for hours
Once you start talking, you just can’t stop. In the range of one conversation, the two of you can talk about the whole world and you still wouldn’t have covered everything. Time doesn’t exist when you talk with your sister. Those are conversations that will live with you forever.

4. She gives the greatest gifts
You both have known each other your entire lives, therefore you both know what the other loves and hates. Whether it’s Christmas or your birthday, if your sister got you a gift, you know it’s going to be good.

5. You do everything together
No matter the distance between you two, once reunited, you do everything together. You invite her to parties with your friends and take her to the movies. You want your sister by your side at all times because she’s just as cool (if not cooler) than you are.

6. She’s the first person you call when you have news

Perhaps second only to Mom, your sister is the first one you call when you have big news. She is more than willing to lend an ear for when you need to talk.

7. She knows all of your secrets
If there’s anyone you can trust to keep your secrets safe, it’s your sister. Because you’ve known each other since birth she knows a lot about you (maybe too much). She knows your secrets and you know hers.

8. She gives you the truth
The truth hurts and your sister isn’t afraid to tell you how it really is. At times she can be harsh, but it’s to help you in the long run. She won’t lie to you about the way she feels.

9. You’re the only people who matter in the universe

Despite all other relationships you’ve ever had, your sister is the only person who matters. No one could ever love your sister more than you love her. When you and your sister are together, you can take on the world.

10. You count down the days until you can see her again

Phone calls, texts or Skyping can’t replace the day you actually get to see your sister again in person. You count down the days until you can recount all the things that have happened to you since she’s been apart. She is the person you miss the most.

11. You love her for her strange obsessions
Her obsessions are what make her unique. Also, loving what she loves makes your relationship stronger.

12. She’s the only person who really understands you

To the outside world, things you love or do don’t make much sense. But to your sister, it makes all the sense in the world. She’s known you the longest and appreciates what makes you, you. She loves you just the way you are.

13. She comes to you for the best advice
She trusts your advice and she always comes to you for help. She cares about your opinion more than anyone else’s. You know she’ll do the same for you when you need advice of your own.

14. No boy will ever love her as much as you do
When she finally meets the love of her life, no boy will be able to love her as much as you do. You two have a sisterhood bond that goes back to the day you were born, and no boy can replace that. The boy she eventually marries has been pre-approved by you; afterall, you know best!

15. You can’t imagine life without her
She is the other half of your heart. When you don’t have your sister around, there’s this space that just can’t be replaced unless you’re together. Having your sister around is the best thing a girl could ask for.

Whether you are the best of friends or the best of enemies at the moment, your sister has got your back no matter what.