25 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Sweetheart Crazy About You

Source: informationng.com

It’s time to start nurturing your marriage, in little ways, to create the kind of marriage you both want.

So here are 25 little things you can do today to make your spouse crazy about you:

1. Fold the laundry and put it all away in one day
2. Hand-write a note to your wife, telling her she is beautiful

3. Get ready a little quicker for your date so your husband doesn’t have to wait so long

4. Clean his car
5. Let her sleep in
6. Sit down to play a board game together to talk, laugh and flirt

7. Give a welcome-home hug that lasts for two solid minutes

8. Offer a sincere compliment, telling him what a great father he is

9. Give him a back scratch while you watch football together

10. Clean the toilet
11. Be first to say “I’m sorry”
12. Make her favorite dinner
13. Pick up her favorite soda
14. Stay within the budget
15. Declutter that junk pile on the bedroom dresser

16. Watch that chick flick with her, even though you don’t really dig chick flicks

17. Take a walk around the block while holding hands

18. Be cheerful and positive after work
19. Kiss goodbye every single morning with an “I love you”

20. Put your phone down and really listen to him
21. Play footsies under the kitchen table during dinner

22. Call her on your lunch break just to check in and hear about her day

23. Empty the dishwasher
24. Ask him out on a spontaneous milk-shake date
25. Send a quick text to say thanks for something specific you appreciate about him/her