10 Things That Turn Men OFF When They Visit Ladies

Source: informationng.com

Here are what men consider their top 10 dealbreakers when visiting women’s homes:

1. A smelly home
Invest in some air fresheners.
2. A grimy bathroom
Clean the bathroom at least once a week; don’t just let the mold grow!

3. Bad plumbing
Seriously, get this fixed right away. You wouldn’t want any accidents, would you?

4. Unruly pets
If your pet hates strangers, maybe you should hold off introducing each other on the first visit. However, it looks like you have less of a chance of them staying if you have an animal that’s neither a cat or dog.

5. Excessive laundry
It is advisable to do laundry at least once a week or every two weeks, depending on how much clothing you own, of course.

6. Dingy or unfresh sheets
You shouldn’t be sleeping on dirty sheets anyway.

7. Lack of privacy AKA roomates
Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about this if you have a roommate… or live with your parents.

8. No air conditioning
AC is a good investment, but if you can’t afford it, maybe a really strong fan can work?

9. Broken or dirty dishes
Invest in a nice dish and cutlery set. You don’t want to serve food to your potential man on ugly and possibly bacteria-infested dishes, do you?

10. Damaged upholstery
Not everyone can afford fancy leather couches, but let it at least be comfortable and pleasing to the eye.