If He Does These 15 Things, Congrats! He GENUINELY Likes You

Source: informationng.com

The following are 15 real signs to look for when you are dating someone. Does he fit the bill or is he just playing you?

1. He will invite you on a proper date.
2. He stays close to you physically.
3. He will drive a distance just to see you.
4. He will stop going to bars or other places to meet women.

5. He really listens to you.
6. He doesn’t care what you do, as long as you’re together.

7. He compromises.
8. He appreciates you — and you know it.
9. He always makes you feel safe.
10. He is willing to express himself.
11. He always supports and encourages you.
12. He will remember your interests and act on them.

13. He asks for your advice.
14. He won’t push for s*x early on.
15. He will take initiative on making plans with you.