6 Moments Your Future Husband Dreams About

Source: informationng.com
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Here are six moments your future husband dreams about when he thinks of his future wife:

1. What your lips will feel like
Will your lips be soft and sweet? Will your first kiss be full of love and passion or be more curious? You can’t really write a love story only based off a first kiss, but one day your future husband will look back and remember this very important first step in your relationship.

2. When he realizes he loves you
Men dream about that golden moment where it all just makes sense. Picture this: he is staring at you while you are looking off in the distance, perhaps at a sunset and then it all just clicks. Like a light that turns on in a dark room, it all falls into place: you’re the missing puzzle piece in his life. That is when he realizes that he could never be without you.

3. When he sees you on your wedding day
One of the most monumental moments in anyone’s life is a wedding. You were his girl when you were dating, but that all changes when you get married. After he sees you glowing in all white, staring up at him in complete adoration and love, that is when you become his wife. You are now his and he is yours.

4. Having sleepovers every night
Saying goodnight and going back to your own apartment won’t ever happen again. Sure, you both will be snoring and sleeping, but there is something so romantic about cuddling close the whole night long. Sleeping is such a sweet and vulnerable thing; every man thinks about holding his future wife tight in his arms as they sleep.

5. What your future children will look like
Will they have your eyes? His hair? Your smile? His humor? Children show you how much more you can love another person, and prove you can love your spouse more than you thought possible. Your husband can’t help but wonder how his future son or daughter will end up looking like. As year pass, this special relationship only gets better and better…apart from the crying, pooping, and vomiting, of course.

6. How he’ll grow old with you
There is a simple sweetness to the idea of living the rest of your days in peace with the one person in this world who brings you the most happiness. Over the years, you fell in love, raised children together, had fights, struggled, resolved things and grew as a couple. It’s time to enjoy life together; this sweet future is something men dream about.