Fathia and Saheed Balogun’s marriage in trouble?

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Movie watchers attest to the fact that these two are at the peak of their careers. Recently back from Dublin where she went to deliver her third child, and second for the actor, Fathia can be said to be not in the best of moods these days. Her problem is the tales going on about her marriage to handsome actor Saheed Balogun.
In a telephone conversation with Nollywood, she denied the rumours, stating that no marriage is a bed of roses and that both were committed to making the marriage work. When asked if it was true that her husband was having and had had affairs with some of her friends and colleagues, she denied stating that it was only normal for people to think that way. “My husband is a public figure and also very popular with the opposite sex. Being in the industry myself, I know how desperate some of these fans get when they want to or get to meet some of these stars. Some of them are so brazen that they can do anything to get their attention. Our marriage has had its ups and downs. I doubt if there is any marriage that is free of these troubles. Having been in an earlier relationship, I know what it entails. About my friends and colleagues saying things, those who are saying these things are only jealous and have no confidence that they can get a man of their own. I am happy and so is my family. I owe nobody an apology for being married to my husband and he to me.
It is alleged that her husband gets violent with her anytime she accuses him of misbehaving which she is said to do often, beating her blue black. He is said to have once left her with a black eye which she tried, unsuccessfully, to shield away with a pair of dark glasses. Among the ladies rumoured to have dated the handsome actor include Arin Bisiriyu, Tayo Odueke, Toyosi Adesanya. Of these ladies, the case of Toyosi, who was allegedly her friend before the bubble burst, is said to have hit her the worst. The said was her friend and was also allegedly a relative of Saheed until their affair became public knowledge. Said to be very temperamental, she was once involved in a street fight with a certain lady who was also said to be rollicking with her husband. The actress, herself an upcoming actress, paid the ultimate price as Fathia is said to have used her connections to see that no roles came her way, which eventually led to her exit from the industry. This particular affair was the affair that reportedly led to her leaving their marital home, but was allegedly persuaded by family members to return which she is said to have done.

The problems facing the couple is said to be taking its toll on both families as they do not see eye to eye anymore. While Saheed's family is antagonistic towards her saying that she it is who gets the whole world to know about their problems, Fathia's family, on the other hand are said to be in support of the union and give it their full support.