Depression: Ex beauty queen Karen Eleko Young neighbor’s driver saved Her Life

Source: Hope Efoghe/
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Depression is an illness people fail to recognize, especially in Nigeria. Many people have lost their lives due to depression, yet it's still not acknowledged as an illness.

The worst part of it all is the fact that most of the people suffering from depression end up committing suicide, especially when they don't have their love ones to help them overcome it.

People suffering from this illness needs to be surrounded by their love ones, who would shower them with affection, make them feel loved and needed.

They always need to feel secured, they need to find a tangible reason to live, and so many of these patients have successfully scaled through.

Depression can be caused by so many things, heartbreak, rape, lose of love ones, financial crisis, marriage crisis, just to mention a few.

Recently, former MBGN and journalist, Karen Eleko disclosed she also battled with depression which almost took her life, if not for the early intervention of her neighbor's driver.

She went on saying, friends deserted her, and those she confided in ridiculed her, but her family stood by her and helped her overcome it all.