Ogun State And Other Matters

By Kadiri Taiwo

WORKING with OGUN STATE GOVERNMENT Nigeria or to get a paid contract or super travel contract from president buhari office or by the government of nigeria in federal sector , which one will I love most? Well, I have not said I wish to work with ogun state government nigeria but if I get a contract from president buhari office before december 2016 it will be cool.

I have a pol science bsc complete study and I have an oracle data base 11g certificate, I had also aquired a leadership certificate on community development as a member of the group at the ministry of development in community in of the state in nigeria.

In addition I have not received any contract on winning a first lady of nigeria on same sex marriage from the federal government of nigeria during the x president jonathan administration of nigeria and I have taken no money from x governor fashola of lagos state nigeria on failed vows. In addition I have not chosen governor amosun of ogun state nigeria for a same sex marriage at any future plan.

I only state ted that if I am on a future same sex marriage list or inheritance and contract inheritance with the federal government of nigeria, that the federal government of nigeria should let me know now but not at the future so that I will say my opinion on it so that I won't go wild un expectedly for me to take a surprise decision as the public had insulted me very well on many talks that I believe I am innocent off.

Lastly I have not said any one to hold any money for me be it on marriage, adoption, inheritance or lottery so that it can used for pageants, business or for community savings, I am a decent nigerian child I have been to johannesburg city and I did not go on cocaine deal in any of my travels in life.

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