A peep into his wardrobe

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A peep into his wardrobe
What will you say is your exact style of dressing?
Casual. Absolutely casual.

When you say casual what do you actually mean?
I basically mean jeans and tee shirt, trainers, you know, easy come; basically, I'm always on the field. I'm not the formal kind of worker, like a banker or a broker, or an oil company sort of guy. I'm always on the field and when you are on the field you wanna do things casual, you wanna feel free, liberal. Jeans and tee shirt make that easier for me. Well, that does not mean I don't do formal sometimes, when it is necessary; I do.

I think you most times look good in formal dressing, so who is your favourite shirt maker?
Sincerely, TM Louis does some pretty shirts, I like him a lot. I love his shirt. I love the colour combination and all that, yeah, including the ties.

Only him?
Well, I mean all those big names. Of course, the reason I do those big names is actually because of the quality. A shirt that lasts you for the rest of time not because of its name per se, not because I'm expecting someone to say "Damn, he's wearing a Versace shirt!" At least, it will last me like five years; the shirt will probably meet the demands of the fashion trend in five years to come. That's the reason I go for such names.

Who is your all time fashion designer. I mean whenever I see Ramsey I can always say that he should be wearing so and so designer shirt?
I truly do not have any. I'm more for anything that fits and anything that has quality. You can't say you can label me with any particular designer or any fashion person, no you can't. As long as it looks good on me, it's okay by me even if it's done by an 'Obioma' (laughs)

Can you really wear anything that is made by an Obioma (local tailor)?
(more laughter) You'll be shocked, man. You'll be shocked (more laughter)

So talking about perfumes which do you prefer? Who is your favourite designer?
You see, let me come to you like this. I'm a Sagitarian, very unpredictable people. I'm not that kind of person you could picture or table down and say this is what Ramsey does. For instance, you can come around and ask me to know what I drink. I drink CocaCola all the time and it seem to you that I drink Coca Cola all the time but sometime I can just go and take Fanta and you ask, "But you drink Coke" and I will say "Yeah, but I want Fanta today." That is because I'm not prdictable. You can't say that this is the kind of perfume that I like. If it smells good and looks good, then I'm down with it.

There must be one that you must have used before and on second thought you just wouldn't mind using it again. Which of them can you really place your hand on?
Hm .. Hugo Boss, I think that is the only one I've done twice. (laughs)

Talking about Nigeria designers who do you like?
Hm... talking about Nigerian designers I've not really met with a lot of them because most Nigerian design outfits are like .... They are into formal wears, semi formal wears and native attires . They are not into Jeans, which, of course, I'm used to. But someone I can really identify with, someone who has probably done a few cuts for me is Moody; that' s one person I can say but lately its been Moody.

Talking about wristwatches (already adorning a beautiful one) which of the designers do you prefer?
I'm a freak for wristwatches. I would go to any length to have a good quality wristwatch. Some of my friends and even my wife know me that I may not have anything but I must have a wristwatch. And talking about wristwatches I have quite a collection. Yeah, right now I'm sporting T-sort 1833, it was the latest design as at last year when I was in London and I like Sequel. I have some of the toppest range of Sequel, the automatic really, auto relay stuff. This one has something special to it. It is not just ordinaryand I do not have a Rolex but I'm looking forward to having one. I could have a Rolex but the one I could get I wouldn't want it because it's not in the category of what I'd want so I'm saving towards it.

Ramsey saving just for a wristwatch?
Yeah, yeah.

What is your favourite drink?
Well, water, I drink a lot when it comes to drinking because you are talking about drinks generally . For me it's water anytime. But if you are talking about social gatherings and what I used to do.... well I usually do spirits. And talking about spirits I like Whisky a lot. I do a lot Jack Daniels.