I Will Never Condemn My Husband- Caroline Danjuma

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Poor Caroline Danjuma! Her billionaire husband, Musa Danjuma was spotted with a young lady in Lagos during an intimate dinner without Caroline. The talk was all over town that the mother of three had to speak out after weeks of keeping silent over her alleged broken marriage. She has a word for those who may want to feel pity for her and condemn Musa.

The Nollywood actress said something about fighting a good fight and letting go…But didn't speak more than that. In a extract of what she said;

“Now, I am going to address this one time and that is it… I got married to man who was legally divorced for years(facts)...I didn't know who is family was as I wasn't that sort of girl that read the newspaper. Age was nothing but a number to me and yes, i truly was in love (it was my choice)

Ever since I got married it has been one story or the other and I have been extremely quiet and tolerant irrespective of the negative reputation it brought to my name( the price I had to pay) .

I never expected a perfect man and i for one knew that all men cheat ( in the real world) but there are limits to everything...Well I have fought a good fight to sustain my home and I know I gave it my best shot...Even though it is not in my nature to give up buts sometimes you just have to let go and pray for the best...This is my family and I will never condemn him.