‘Yes I’m a lover boy’

Source: nigeriafilms.com

Ramsey Tokunboh Noah is one of Nollywood's good looking and versatile actors. The 35-year old star actor is also a father of two. He stormed Nollywood some 15 years ago on the set of Shame, a movie in which he gave a good account of himself as a future act to look out for.

Noah who is of a mixed blood (Israel and Nigeria) is now a household name in the Nigerian entertainment sector and beyond. Speaking to Daily Sun on his romantic roles in numerous hit movies, the handsome actor admitted being a lover boy.
He also spoke on other issues affecting his private and public lives, especially the controversial "ban" on him and his colleagues by movie-marketers last year:

Since the ban
Nothing much, I've just been hibernating. Well, I wouldn't use the word banned. Blacklisting is a better word. As for marketers refusing to use certain actors for whatever reasons best known to them, I happen to belong to the blacklisted artistes they don't want to use anymore. You cannot force anybody that wants to drink Coca-Cola, not to drink. I'm into lot of things, like supplies, events marketing and many other things. I supply virtually everything, from cutlery to hospital and household items. Even gifts items and many more.
Well, they have not stopped me from acting. I can act if I want to, only that I have to look for an alternative market where the movies will be marketed. They only said they were no longer using me. Or better still, they don't want to sell movies that I feature in.
And I could not have fought the marketers alone. It's not an individual thing. It would have been a different issue, if I were to be alone. But since it's a group thing, I feel it is the duty of our guild to plead or intercede on our behalf. I can't go to them alone, because they are acting as a body. If I approach them independently, they won't give me audience.
I was not officially informed. Nothing formal about the whole thing. It was solely their decision to blacklist us. There has not been any kind of streamlined format for our being blacklisted. There should be a due process for such things. And they are thriving because our guilds is not formidable or even active. Because of this ugly scenario, people do things and get away with them easily.

Double role in Dangerous Twins 1-3
It was really challenging playing two roles of Ramsey in that movie. An actor is an actor, but he becomes exceptional when he acts naturally. I am a gifted actor. All I need to do is to get into the character I'm playing, and then deliver the lines accordingly. I can act very well the roles of a playboy, bad boy and good boy because I'm versatile.

Lover boy in real life
(Laughs heartily) Well, I could be a lover boy but not a playboy. I'm not a playboy. I don't know how to play women. I do it so well in movies and that is where it ends.
There is a big understanding between my wife and I. She understands my profession and also understands strictly that I do my things professionally. It has always been like that between my wife and I since we got married. And based on this understanding, we've been able to build a very strong relationship. And we are happy about that.

Acting, fame and money
Honestly, I'm not enjoying the fame. I wish I were not famous, because I don't have a life of my own now. It sounds strange and funny. But remember that more money, more troubles. In fact, my troubles are bigger than my money right now. I'm saying in essence that the pain is much more than the gains.

Time for the family
It's been so, so good. It is one thing that makes me feel so bad about actors. I wished I were there for my family. I also wish I can be a total dad that I've always dreamt about. But I can't because I'm a famous person. It's no longer my family alone, my fans and admirers also own me. And sincerely speaking, it kills me each passing day.
I've not been a total and absolute dad to my kids and wife. It is so because I'm not always there for them due to the nature of my job. And that little time you are around and wants to take them out, your fans won't let you be. It makes me feel sad when I'm in public and can't have quiet moments with my family. For me, no life, no privacy. It is killing me gradually.

My first child is a boy. He is Quincy, but we call him Q, for short. His sister's name is Desiree. The boy is a year and 11 months old. Desiree will be five months old soon. Emilia, their mum and my lovely wife is presently at home baby-sitting. She abandoned her job when we were trying to make babies. I don't think we have plans to make more babies.It feels good because marriage is all about companionship, love, affection and all that put together. It's beautiful to be married to the one you love.
What I miss from bachelorhood
Yes. I liked like hanging out and drinking with my friends till about 1-2 a.m.
I think my biggest vice is that I drink, especially whisky.

Dream of becoming an actor
I had no foresight of what the industry was going to become in future. But I also came with the belief and conviction that I can deliver and very well too. Then, it wasn't as if I saw a bright future in it as a profession. No, I didn't, it's so good that money later started coming, followed by fame and all that. It's all good. I never planned for all these…
As a child growing up, I wanted to be a pilot cum aeronautic engineer. I love things that fly. I love aeronautics a lot. Things changed along the line. And that lofty dream has been jettisoned, but that does not mean I can't fly when I have the money to buy my own jet. And it will happen as soon as God gives me the money.

Becoming a musician
No! I have no plans of going into music professionally. Unfortunately, for most of my colleagues they are being boxed into music by the press. You guys are creating the impression that we are turning to music because of the blacklisting. As far as I'm concerned, it is very derogatory and I don't want to be part of this. But one fact most people don't know is that I came into the industry more as a singer than an actor.

First home video
Well, my first major movie was Silent Night in '96, but Shame was my first movie. But in recent times, I see Dangerous Twins as my most challenging movie. It was not easy doing a dual role simultaneously in a single movie. Another of my film that was emotionally challenging to me was My Love.

City People's award for the Best Actor
I feel really good. In this 2005, I clocked 15 years in acting. It was a well-deserved award that came at the right time. I was born in 1970, meaning that I have put in 15 years of my life in the industry. I was born on December 19, 1970. That night before my name was announced, I saw the whole thing, as a give and take situation. On many occasions, I have been to awards where I had nursed hope of winning awards but I didn't get to win at the end of the day.

Role models
Honestly, I would say there is anybody that I look up to. But I respect people like Olu Jacobs, RMD, Sam Loco, Joke Silva and Liz Benson.
Nollywood has really come to stay. It has also grown very fast. Even CNN and the rest of them acknowledged this fact. It's amazing that today, we have come this far. But there is enough room for improvements, because we can do better. We have the manpower and technical know-how. Our directors are among the best in the world. My dream is for us to take over from Hollywood soon.

My main plans for the future is to be satisfied and happy with what I do. Basically, I want to be an average man in life who will be able to take care of family and myself.
(Thinks) My biggest achievement today in Nollywood is believing in myself and also giving it myself.

Harassment by women
Oh Yes! They do always. (Laughs) They harass me in so many ways, especially on phone. It even amuses me these days. When we started then, lots of people did not take us serious, but today, everybody wants to act.

Refusal to marry an actress
Like I said, I strongly believe in varieties. I like a situation where I can come home and discuss about my profession with my wife and vice versa. I also discovered that when husband and wife are in the same profession, they always end up gossiping at home. This makes life monotonous. So the quest for variety stopped me from marrying an actress.

First, I don't like it when people call me a half-caste. I'm a mixed blood. My dad is an Israeli while my mother is a Nigerian from Ondo State. She is a Pastor in a fast growing church.

No! He's been gone. But I'm already a dad myself with two lovely kids (General laughter). I was a baby when I saw my dad last. Kindly help me tell my fans that I will be back. It is all about faith.
Lowest fee ever received
(Thinks) That was in rested TV soap; Fortunes, I was being paid N250 only. And later it moved to N400. I got N6, 000 as my lowest in movies when I started, though I've not seen the movie till date. I got N15, 000 on the set of Shame, which was my first movie to hit shelves.