Beverly Osu Talks to Men Who are Unfaithful

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Former BBA contestant and actress Beverly Osu, has always being outspoken in her lifestyle and what she says in the public. Last year, she had created a social media meltdown when she released some pictures that kids were not supposed to see. She has some words for those men who are not faithful to their ladies.

Beverly was once romantically associated with Terry G but that was not true. If there is one guy that she is very comfortable to spend time with, it is Denrele Edun's company and it makes her excited. He is Beverly's godfather. However, Beverly has said that her celebrity crush is none other than female rapper Eva Alordiah. "This sounds awkward, but I have to say it. I'm crushing on Eva Alordiah, the rapper. I have had that crush on her like forever. She is my friend and I always tell her" she said

To the men who are unfaithful, the actress said “Keeping one girl interested for years; caring for her is a lot more to brag about than pulling girls every weekend like a little boy