Wuraola’s Marriage to Ooni was Ordained by the Oracle…Sisters Claim

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com
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The wedding of the Ooni of Ife, was the talk of the town over the weekend as it brought people with like minds together as they came to show love and support for the Ooni and his new bride, Wuraola.

What has gotten the attention of many is that the sisters of the Ooni of Ife, Princesses Adesola, Folasahade and Adebimpe, in a recent interview have disclosed that Wuraola's marriage to the Oba was divine.

Princess Adebimpe, speaking with CityPeople, claimed that the Ooni of Ife told them that Oracle revealed her to him and that they should accept her, adding that the day she came to meet with the family, she did wonderfully well.