People of Nyanza and Western Kenya need Protection from Fascist Militarism of Yoweri Museven

By Alexander Khamala Opicho

President Museven has instructed the Uganda military officers disguised as regular policemen to stop the on-going exercise of registration of voters by the Independent electoral and boundaries commission on Migingo Island. Migingo is an island in Lake Victoria belonging to Kenya along with other Islands like Mfangano, Rusinga, and Sumba. He is doing this on the pretext of sham, cosmetic and feigned disposition that the waters around Migingo Island belong to Uganda but rocks of the island belong to Kenya. Political analysis of technical facts rules out that President Museven is effecting a coup d’ tat in advance against the electoral choices of the people of Kenya come the general election in 2017.

The individual political psychology of president Museven in this regard is nothing else other than his obvious trait of extreme political masculinity where he often sadistically derives pleasure from screwing up the ass of fellow political leaders in the process of political socialization. A psychology that achieves nothing else but a totalitarian state of a fascist type like the one currently extant in Uganda and diplomatic indiscipline like the one he is displaying by using the army to prevent people of Kenya from registering as voters on the Kenyan island of Mikingo.

Irrational collusions might have been perpetrated in the clandestine world of Kenyan tribal political networks serving personal bourgeoisie avarice. With a primary objective that thinning out Mikingo from the Kenyan electoral map is culling out the Luo voters from the mainstream of the electoral process given the reality in the tribal ideology that they will vote for the opposition political leader Raila Odinga but not the Current government made-up of substantially rapacious Gikuyus and Kalenjin Nationalists of the self-idolatry station.

All these is vanity of vanities and political irrationality of miserable class, because as a normal Kenyan you better lose votes but not the land of Kenya to a foreign political trickster in the realm of violent megalomania pursuing self-empowerment and shameless proscription of the innocent people, the people that are only in need of honest and responsible government. All these germinate from the bourgeoisie political filthiness and punctured consciousness perpatually eating the moral fibres of opportunists around the youthful, gentry, genuine, clear-consciented, good-hearted, respectful and callow minded President Uhuru Kenyatta. President Museven is teleki-netically enjoying one more new opportunity for his preponderant Machiavellian urge now fangled newly with politics of competition for tribal power in Kenya.

Similarly an episode of equivalent gear happened in 2007, during the turmoil and insecurity coming from bungled presidential results of the then general election, when the Uganda army officers that had been hired as coup mercenaries to help Mwai Kibaki quell a democratic insurrection, threw two grenades into the patient ward at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, the same army men from Uganda perpetrated brutal violence on the un-armed demonstrators in Kisumu Town. All this was being done to silence the voice of offended democracy. Museven was aware. We are unlucky to have Museven as a neighbour and as one of the African presidents.

Alexander Khamala Opicho,

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