The Winds of Time...

By Melanie Miller

The winds of time, carry me through the heavy storms and the lightening.

The wind is my special friend and shall always be so dear to me.

Whenever I feel sad and blue, I can trust that the wind is there to blow a gentle kiss,

to me.
I love the wind, my friend and it is a beautiful thing, to have such a good friend.

I will cherish the wind til' I parish.
I will want the wind to carry me to another life...when I leave this earth.

I won't be sad when the wind takes me to another place and time, as I shall know...

that the wind is there to help me through all obstacles I may face.

The wind has no name, no face..yet I see an image of it, every time I look into the mirror of dreams..

And so it seems...that the wind calls me at times and whispers my name, to come out and play.

I want to stay with the wind for always, and feel it take me under its' wings.

I feel it is like a breath of heaven when the wind rustles through my long tresses, and it blesses me every time we touch each

others souls.
The wind is my best friend, tis' true and it will always be the one I love so much and I know in my heart...

the wind has a special place in its' soul, just for me.

I will always be with my friend in the shadows of my mind and find comfort in just knowing,

it will forever be around, to guide me to hidden doors, and help me explore new horizons.

Yes, the wind will tell me what I need to do, and the wind will for all eternity, be there waiting for me to come out and play with him

for all times!
The End...